SuperGreen Solar

Tips on Solar power & Battery Storage. Ok, so many of our Customers have asked us to explain what benefits the average home owner can expect to see from installing Solar power with Batteries. Without a long explanation and without drilling down to deeply and or boring you to tears with tech reasons, ROI’s and similar arguments. I have always believed that a picture tells a story. ( In this case some diagrams ) Simply put, clean solar power can me made doing the day when you are not home. Instead of selling it back to the grid and very low rates. You now get to store that power in a Tesla Power Wall for example. Then use that power when you need it most, when you are at home. It can also be used in a power outage. The Advantages of Battery Storage. See the pics below to find out. Get your Tesla & SolarEdge Technologies Inc. system from the #SuperGreenTeam #SuperGreenAUS for more info.






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