Another Happy customer with a Tesla PowerWall.

SuperGreen Tesla

Another happy customer with their new Tesla PowerWall and the new SolarEdge Technologies Inc. StoreEdge 5 KW inverter with back up power feature, (so they can use power from the sun or Tesla battery even in a power outage.) Coupled to 18x LG Solar USA PV Solar panels (5.4KW) from SuperGreen.

A Shout out goes to James, Dale & the Barra Electrical and Solar Power Townsville team & Doug  360storage for making it happen. Also to Evan from @Tesla for inspecting the install.

The system made over 31 KW in its first day!!! Amazing right!!! Welcome to sunny Townsville.!!!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these clients.

Give the team a call to book your Tesla PowerWall 2.0 ASAP.

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