SGS PowerWall

Are You sick of your energy Bill?

Do you need Solar Power and Energy storage?

Or of you already have solar power, are you tired of getting very little back for the Solar power, that you sell to the grid?


Add battery storage to your existing Solar Power System or talk to us about a 5KW Solar power system with a Tesla PowerWall. This month only & for the first 10 clients get $550 Discount, off a 5KW Solar power system & PowerWall system if you mention this Blog. Call 4772 7655, or see the PowerWall in our showroom, 161 Ingham Rd.



Start Saving TODAY! Learn how Smart Builders are using a combination of Sky Lighting & LED Lighting to cut lighting energy costs by 75-90%. The return on investment by fitting a combination of Skylights & LED lighting into your home or business is staggering. Get safer, cleaner, brighter & Energy saving lighting from SuperGreen Solutions, Call 47727655 for a FREE Energy Assessment & Lighting Estimate today.


$20,000 Small Businesses Tax advantages end in 30 June 17. Don’t let your business loose out on getting $20k + $4-8k worth of STC rebates on offer. Move now before its too late & Take advantage of this opportunity like many other local businesses have already done. Don’t miss the chance to Save money now & every year with Solar PV, LEDs, Skylights, Solar vents & Solar hot water from SuperGreen Solutions Australia AND GET these tax advantages.— at SuperGreen Solutions Australia.

PV solar and Hot water install


Don’t just think solar power when trying to reduce your energy bills. Think about Efficient Water Heating, such as our Rheem, Apricus, Dux and Rinnai Solar Hot water options, Heat Pumps and instant Gas hot water units. These options can cut your water heating costs by over 80%. While you are about it ask us about our Efficient LED lighting & Tesla energy storage units. Think about how Rebates & depreciation incentives can reduce the cost dramatically. If you ned more info dont do it on your own, Don’t risk it, talk to an Energy efficiency specialist. Talk to SuperGreen Solutions. 0747727655.— at SuperGreen Solutions Australia.

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