Ev-Charging Stations

What is an EV Charge Station?


We supply and install a range of charge stations but our leading brands are the Tesla Charge stations E-Station made by Circontrol and GeniePoint Platforms from ChargeStar. An Electric Vehicle (EV) charge station is the recharge site for EVs or electric vehicles. Plug-in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles can charge their power cells here. The output is either 240 volt AC or 500 Volt DC, depending on the type of station.

2 Types of EV Stations

  1. Slow Charge (Level 2) – This station has an output of 240 volt AC. This charge station can be installed right at home for electric or hybrid car owners.
  2. Fast Charge (Level 1) – This station has an output of 500 volt DC. This is typically found in commercial and public charging sites. A full recharge takes about half an hour.

An EV Charging Station can get its power directly from the grid or it can be connected to greener sources of energy like a residential solar power station. Installing it directly to a PV solar system is the greenest option.

Safety Features

EV Charge Stations were designed and built with safety in mind. Two sensors are in place that determines if the electric vehicle being charged is already at full power. These sensors will then turn off the power in response. Circuit breakers are also present and active at connection points and will trip when there is an overloaded or a short circuit.

The following depicts the charge times at different EV Charge Stations:

Charging time Power supply Voltage Max current
6–8 hours Single phase – 3,3 kW 230 VAC 16 A
2–3 hours Three phase – 10 kW 400 VAC 16 A
3–4 hours Single phase – 7 kW 230 VAC 32 A
1–2 hours Three phase – 24 kW 400 VAC 32 A
20–30 minutes Three phase – 43 kW 400 VAC 63 A
20–30 minutes Direct current – 50 kW 400 – 500 VDC 100 – 125 A



EV Charging Stations will continue to pop up all over in response to the growing market share of electric and hybrid cars. EV Charging stations will probably be seen at shopping malls, universities, commercial buildings, parking lots and government buildings.

When it comes to financial sense, choosing to drive an EV is a better choice since it offers a true return on investment since there is no need to purchase fossil fuels.

In terms of its environmental impact, an electric vehicle also virtually has no carbon emissions to negatively contribute to global warming.

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GeniePoint Platform by E Station

The GeniePoint Platform from ChargeStar gets an exciting update. Check out the new features below.
ChargeStar recently announced an update with new features for its GeniePoint platform. The new features make for improved driver convenience and better administrative monitoring tools to analyze data for each EV charge station.

Highlights on the new feature include:

New mobile or online access management platforms for admin and drivers that’s made better with a more user-friendly interface you can access in all devices.

New SMS text alerts to drivers- Charge stations now automatically send SMS text messages to drivers or interact with drivers via SMS. Charging can be stopped by replying through text.

New charge station availability mapping and live access that allows anyone to see current charge station availability, status and price in real time – E-Station Drivers also have the ability to remotely start or stop charging through their ChargeStar account.

Registration with a new RFID card or an existing RFID card is now allowed.

Drivers are now able to choose between a post and pre-paid payment options with the ability to opt out of auto-top up.


The main reasons why customers choose E-Station are as follows:

  • It’s proudly made by Circontrol, Europe’s largest manufacturer of charge stations.
  • E-Station has been around since 2009.
  • E-Station charge stations start at $956, making them very affordable for even homeowners.
  • The charge stations charge faster than home chargers.
  • Stations can be managed remotely via ethernet network or 3G capable sim card.
  • Stations can be further secured by enabling swipe card access.
  • Charge stations have a two-year warranty for full replacement of parts.
  • For commercial clients, leasing and equipment financing options are available.
  • For added convenience for the admin, a management system can be installed that collects payment from drivers.

Compare our products online or talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists at one of our dedicated Showrooms today. Simply call 4772 7655 or email us to schedule a free quote from your closest SuperGreen Solutions store.

EV chargers supplied and installed by SuperGreen Solutions

We supply and install residential and commercial EV chargers.

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