The incandescent light bulb is a thing of the past. It’s time to say goodbye to this old technology and embrace LED lighting. It certainly isn’t totally banned yet, but it is fast getting phased out. This has come about as the result of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) that passed in the year 2007. The law requires manufacturers to produce incandescent bulbs that are 25% more efficient. The only way to do this is by reducing the brightness of the bulb. Instead of tackling the problem by changing their current incandescent bulbs, manufacturers are looking to better lighting technologies, namely CFL and LEDs. Compact Fluorescents or CFLs produce bright light and are energy efficient but contain mercury. This makes them unviable as an environmentally friendly alternative. LEDs are a better choice.

A light emitting diode or an LED is the best way to go. LED prices are now very affordable and their energy consumption is just about 10% of what it would take an equivalently bright incandescent bulb. An LED also emits only 10% of the heat that an equivalent incandescent bulb produces.

A Recap of the Benefits of LED

  • Uses 90% less power than an equivalent incandescent bulb
  • Produces just 10% of the heat of an equivalent incandescent bulb
  • Saves money on power consumption
  • No mercury
  • 65% of the world is currently using LEDs

MR 16 LEDs by SuperGreen Solutions – We offer LED replacements for the MR 16 light. The older halogen down lights drain a lot of power and often burn out. The SuperGreen Solutions MR 16 LED is dimmable and is widely compatible with a host of halogen transformers. Replacement of these lights is easy and won’t require the help of an electrician.

GU10 LEDs from SuperGreen Solutions – If you still have a globe-style GU10 Halogen lamp, you can replace it with a GU10 LED. The LED version consumes only 15% of the power, which lets you save a ton on power consumption costs. They also don’t generate a lot of heat, which is always a good thing. This makes the GU10 LED less likely to damage sensitive materials and fabrics. The average life of these LED lamps are 20,000 hours.

E26 and E27 Lights from SuperGreen Solutions – We have E26 and E27 LED light bulbs available if you want to change your old incandescent bulbs with these. The LED versions are very efficient and will save up to 85% of the power consumption used for the incandescent versions. They are also fully dimmable to produce the right effect you want. Their average life is actually 20 times more than that of the incandescent.

LED Tubes from SuperGreen Solutions

LED tubs can be used instead of the Fluorescent T5, T8 and T12 options. By using the LED tubes, you are using 50% to about 75% less energy. The LED tubes also have a longer life which lets you save more on replacement costs.

A19 LED light by SuperGreen Solutions

The A19 LED bulb is powerful enough to deliver 18000 lumens for warm light and 27000 lumens for cool light. This is achieved superbly with 85% less power utilized. The A19 LED light has an omnidirectional light source that’s protected with real glass or shatter-proof plastic. The A19 LED turns on immediately, is compatible with dimmers and is rated at 25,000 hours.

LED BayLights by SuperGreen Solutions

Just swap out your current metal halide(250W to 450W) luminary with an LED fitting (150W-200W) from SuperGreen Solutions to obtain the benefits of LED technology. LED requires significantly less power which translates to significant reduction in your power bills. LEDs emit less CO2, meaning it’s more environmentally-friendly. They produce no Ultra Violet or Infrared radiation.

The lights listed above are just some over 250 Popular light fixtures and models. To find out more about LED lighting, High Bays, Low Bays, Flood Lights, LED tubes, LED Bulbs and Battens, Panel LEDs, Strip LEDs, Solar LEDs and Custom LEDs.

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The Redilight Spectra

How the Redilight Spectra Works

During the day, the Redilight Spectra acts much like how a true sky-light would. It would be powered solely by the solar panels and its brightness will adjust in accordance to the brightness of the sun. At night, if you want the Spectra on, then just switch to grid power.

The Spectra from SuperGreen Solutions can be installed with an optional Day/Night control kit that allows the light fixture to be used at full brightness whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

The Spectra, much like all Redilight products, uses Cree LED, Cree is a market leader that produces high quality best in class LEDs that are efficient and produce the highest lumens output for each watt. This excellence is what we at SuperGreen Solutions always strive to deliver to you, our clients.
The Redilight Spectra also comes with a great warranty which ensures years of uninterrupted service from this innovative product.

Compare our products online or to talk to one of our Trained lighting and Energy Efficient Specialists at one of our dedicated Showrooms call 07 4772 7655 or email to simply schedule a Free Quote.

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