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Rheem Loline Solar Hot Water

Reasons to Buy The Rheem Loline Solar How Water Heater from SuperGreen Solutions

Solar Hot Water collectors are a green solution to home water heating needs. These solar how water heaters use free, green energy from the sun to heat water. Because they use solar energy, these water heaters virtually don’t have any carbon footprint relative to other water heaters that may rely on burning fossil fuel to generate heat. This option is not only economically sound, but it really is quite environmentally friendly.

There is a variety of types of Rheem Loline Solar Water Heaters that you can get from us at SuperGreen Solutions. You can either mount them on the roof or the ground. These heaters can also connect to gas or electric back up for days when it’s mostly overcast. We also have water heaters that are designed especially to function well in even extremely cold climates. Call us up at SuperGreen Solutions to find out more about the Rheem Loline Solar Water Heater.


  • Comes in 160 to 410 L models
  • Solar Power is the main source of energy for heating
  • Choose between roof or ground mount systems
  • Choose between gas or electric back-up systems
  • Reduces your carbon footprint dramatically


Energy Efficiency

  • Because the sun is its main power source, it will save you tons on water heating costs

Reduces Carbon Footprint

  • Every year, a SuperGreen Solutions Rheem Loline Solar Water Heater will prevent emissions of more than 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas

Independence from the Grid

  • By capitalizing on Australia’s endless supply of solar power, you are slowly but surely weakening your dependence on dirty grid power that’s produced by non-renewable sources of energy.


  • The Rheem Loline solar water heater is designed to function even in the toughest weather extremes that prevent it from overheating or freezing
  • Comes with either 5 or 7 year warranties

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The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

Reasons for Buying the SuperGreen Solutions Apricus Solar Hot Water Heater

The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collector is designed to be efficient. It makes use of effective tube technology to collect solar energy longer. The tubes in the Apricus systems have two glass layers that hold a vacuum in between. This arrangement actually retains heat much like how a Thermos would. Because of how efficient this technology works, 95% of the solar power collected is actually retained. This translates to better heat retention even during the colder months of the year. These collectors are actually designed to withstand temperatures of -15°C.

The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors that SuperGreen Solutions provides are locally produced right here on Australian soil. The manufacturing factory is managed by Mick Humphreys, Apricus Global CEO. This facility is regularly checked by both Australian and European authorities for quality and standard control. The facility surpasses the Australian Standards (AS2717:2002), Solarkeymark (EU) and the SRCC (USA) environmental regulations. This factory also has an ISO9001:2007 ISO certification.

Features of the Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Collector installed in homes is basically the same type used for commercial buildings, except that in commercial buildings, a hundred water heaters may be installed.

These solar water heaters can

  • heat home water supply
  • heat home or commercial pools
  • heat under-floor spaces and radiators
  • preheat commercial boilers
  • warm bottles in dairies

Benefits of Using Apricus Evacuated Tube Water Heater

The SuperGreen Solutions Apricus Evacuated Tube Water Heater comes with an impressive 15 year warranty for all systems installed for residential or commercial clients.

This is something worth repeating:

The Apricus Solar Water Heaters come with a 15 Year Warranty!

How It All Works

Water moves from the storage tank into the manifold making contact with the copper heat exchange. Heat is transferred via the heat pipe bulb to the relatively cooler water in the manifold. As the vapour in the heating pipe condenses, it returns to the bottom, ready to begin the process anew.

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Rinnai Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

The Rinnai INFINITY Instant Hot Water Systems provided by SuperGreen Solutions heat water instantaneously as the water passes through the unit. This process is only activated on demand, making this highly cost efficient. There is also the option of using the SuperGreen Solutions water controller that enables you to set your water temperature to your desired hotness.

The SuperGreen Solutions advanced water controller is perfect for the Rinnai INFINITY systems. This combo forms what is the most technically sophisticated water heating system available today.

Rinnai Heat Pump Water Heaters

The Rinnai Heat Pump Water Heater is like a reverse air conditioner. Water is heated by transfer of heat from the surrounding air outside the unit with the use of the Rinnai HOTFLO Split Heat Pump. A Rinnai Heat Pump will do where a roof mounted solar power system is impractical.

This SuperGreen Solutions Rinnai Heat Pump uses only about a third of the power used by a typical water heater, leading to reduced bills while minimizing your negative environmental impact.


Continuous Gas Flow

  • High quality, efficient Japanese design
  • Durable components that are designed to last
  • Quick-connect Junctions available for temperature control systems
  • Temperature stability control technology to maintain consistent water temperature
  • 6 star efficiency for class of 16-26 liter water heaters

Heat Pumps

  • comparable results with solar-powered water heaters
  • uses a stainless steel tank that’s commercial grade
  • high quality compact compressor and heat exchanger
  • 10 year warranty attesting to the durability of its parts
  • Designed to be disassembled into two parts for convenient transport


Help save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint with the use of the SuperGreen Solutions Rinnai water heating systems. Enjoy the convenience of hot water right at your fingertips while at the same time being content knowing that you are producing less green house gases that would otherwise contribute to global warming.
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Meet The Sun Flux Solar Hot Water Controller

Sun Flux

Heat your water supply using PV Solar Panels instead of utilizing Solar Thermal collectors for heating water.
Installation of the Sun Flux Solar Hot Water Controller is basically a retrofit for your existing electric hot water tank. It’s quicker and easier to install since it attaches easily to what you have now. It is a dedicated solar power system that works without sapping power from your PV solar power station. It is a system unto itself. It has a DC output instead of AC for more efficient results.

Choosing to go with a SuperGreen Solutions Sun Flux Hot Water Controller is highly efficient and cost effective since it harnesses and directly stores solar energy as heat in the water tank with 96% retention.
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And if you were wondering, yes the Sun Flux system is eligible for STC Rebates.

The Sun Flux Hot Water Controller is compatible with

  • All electric water tanks
  • All PV Solar Panels
  • All AC elements and thermostats


  • Water heating On or Off Grid
  • Water heating through hybrid use of power
  • preheating of gas water heater

Requirements for Installation

  • An electric hot water tank (80-400 L)
  • Around 3 to 5 PV Solar Panels in Series
  • 16 amp DC circuit breaker
  • Standard 2400 or 3600 240 volt AC element and thermostat