What is Solar Power?

Solar Power is green energy generated from our planet’s most accessible energy source – the sun. It’s the best alternative to dirty sources of power like fossil fuel and nuclear power stations. To harness solar power, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are utilised. These converts light into electricity that can be used to power appliances and machinery in real time or stored in batteries for later use.
By using Solar Power, you are helping save the world from the detrimental effects of green house gases. Solar Power is clean energy and as such it doesn’t produce any harmful effects to the environment.

How Does PV Solar Panels Work?

It’s important to place PV solar panels in areas that are hit with direct sunlight. The entire process hinges on ideal placement. As the sun’s rays in the form of light hits the solar panels, photovoltaic effect takes place. This means that the photons in light excite the free electrons in the panels/ solar cells thereby converting light energy into electricity.

This electricity produced from solar panels comes in the form of direct current (DC) which is then passed through an inverter to turn it into alternating current (AC) which is what home appliances and business machineries use. AC has become the standard because it’s the one used by the electric power grid.

Homes and businesses that have a solar power station will use more solar power more than they do electricity from the grid. This green solar energy is going to be the main power source and only when it runs out will power from the grid be utilized. Since power from the grid is only used as a back-up power source, it’s going to translate into less power consumption, leading to less expenditure. Simply put, having a solar power station at home or at your place of business will reduce your costs. If your solar power station is generating more than you’re using and you have surplus electricity, you can feed it into the grid and receive corresponding rebates.



Where does surplus solar power go?

It’s quite possible for your energy production to exceed your energy consumption. When this happens, you’re going to have solar power surplus. This power is fed into the grid earning you rebates on the power you sent in. You are essentially selling the electric company electricity that you have generated at home. So, instead of receiving a bill for power consumed, you’ll actually receive rebates.

Call our experts at SuperGreen Solutions to learn more on how to produce surplus solar power and be categorized as a net positive client.

Installation of Your Own PV Solar Power Station

When you call us for PV Solar Power Installation, we’ll have our contractors drop in for a visit. Our contractors are licensed and insured. We only work with contractors who have passed our standards and are in our experience, known to be trustworthy. Our contractors have earned our trust and we are certain they’ll earn yours too.

Your Home Solar Power Station

Having a PV solar power station installed at home is a smart financial investment. Not only will you help save the planet, you’re also saving on your electricity bills as well. In fact, if you become a net positive client you’ll be earning with the surplus energy you feed into the grid. In today’s eco-conscious society, having solar systems in your home will actually add value to your property since your property can now be marketed as a green home or a solar powered home to prospective buyers.

Rebates and Incentives

If you want to learn more about the rebates from the electric power companies and incentives from the government, call SuperGreen Solutions. Call or email (07) 4772 7655 or send an inquiry to sales@supergreensolutions.com.au and learn how you too can save thousands.

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