Tesla Powerpack

Much like how the Tesla Powerall 1 and 2 revolutionized the residential solar battery management systems, so too has the Tesla Powerpack revolutionized the commercial battery storage for green energy systems. SuperGreen Solutions offers this new standard for commercial-scale solar power stations.

The Tesla Powerpack is Expandable and Scalable

The Tesla Powerpack is future-proof in that it is an adaptable system. It can be scaled according to the power consumption needs of the client. There are many configurations that the Powerpack can take, depending on how much energy is required. It can be as small scale as 100kWh up to a configuration as large as 100Mwh. Each increment in capacity is 250kWh. The Powerpack actually contains within it 16 battery pods. Each of these pods have a cooling system and heating system that was originally design for the Tesla Model S.

SuperGreen Solutions Offers a Powerful Commercial Battery in the Form of the Tesla Powerpack

The founders of SuperGreen Solutions have more than 17 years experience being leaders in the field of green energy. SuperGreen Solutions installed and manages the largest Powerwall 2 system in Australia found at Harris Crossing, Townsville. We hope that this large scale project is able to display our dedication to and expertise in the field of clean and green energy solutions. Internationally, SuperGreen Solutions also has more than 40 locations across 9 countries.

For the best competitive prices, SuperGreen Solutions sources materials from the global market but we are, foremost, an Australian company offering services for the Australian home and local business. We pride ourselves in knowing your needs and we have designed all our products, services and solutions with Australian needs in mind. We give you the best, that’s why we only deploy our people who are Tesla certified to install the best Tesla products for you.

Call us up at SuperGreen Solutions for all the information on the Tesla Powerpack 2 and how it will help bring down the energy bills for your business. Call our experts at (07) 4772 7655 today.

SuperGreen Solutions is one of the biggest partners of Tesla’s global network of partners. At the time of writing, we had already supplied over 1300 Kilowatts of all Tesla Powerwall 2’s installed, this is out of 900 installed MWh worldwide.

The Tesla Powerpack 2 utilizes lithium-ion battery technology, innovative electronics, top of the line thermal management technology, great design and overall engineering to produce this wonder of a product. The Powerpack from Tesla and installed by SuperGreen Solutions allows a business to produce their own green energy and store it efficiently. With a Tesla Powerpack system installed, the solar power stations that a commercial client is already using is made that much more efficient. With the Powerpack, a business will be able to become fully independent from the dirty power grid.

The Powerpack 2 is the latest in Tesla technology. This product is the result of 10 years of experience, experiments and innovations with integrated battery technology. The technology has been tested in actual product usage in the Model S. With over 1.6 billion km of actual distance driven on actual road conditions, the Powerpack technology has proven to be quite robust and efficient.

The Tesla Powerpack relies on its dual coolant and refrigerant loop system to keep the battery cool under ideal temperature conditions for optimum function. Its function that enables the entire system to remain cool under tough conditions comes quite handy in Australia’s sometimes harsh climate and conditions.

The Benefits of a Tesla Powerpack Battery System

Here are the cost saving benefits of the Tesla PowerPack:

  • Load Shifting – By using stored power during peak consumption periods, dependence on the grid is minimized, if not eliminated, leading to lower electric bills.
  • Demand Response – Can boost power demand needs when it is most needed
  • Maximum Solar Returns – Stores most of the energy produced from your PV Solar Panels and minimizes electricity that’s fed into the grid.
  • Micro-grid – with the Tesla Powerpack, your PV solar power station will be able to provide most, if not all, your power needs all day long, year round.
  • Electricity Market Participation- feeds in excess electricity produced into the grid for rebates
  • Slash Demand Charges – By using the power stored in your Powerpack during peak demand hours, your electricity bills are going to get significantly reduced.
  • Emergency Backup – Utilize power stored in the Powerpack during blackouts.
  • Defer Infrastructure Upgrades – No need to upgrade existing power infrastructure to increase power storage and output capacity. Just use the Tesla Powerpack.

Know the Enhancements on the Tesla Powerpack 2

  • The Powerpack 2 allows storage availability for the utility industry
  • More than double the energy density of the first Tesla Powerpack
  • seamless integration to the power grid
  • new Tesla inverter system is the most efficient on the market
  • Enhanced software and interface for better controls

To learn more about the Tesla Powerpack 2 and how it can help your business save money on electricity bills, contact our experts at SuperGreen Solutions today. Call us at (07) 4772 7655.

Specifications of the New Tesla Powerpack 2

Energy Capacity 210 kWh (AC) per Powerpack
Peak Power 50 kW
Powerpack Enclosure IP35 – outdoor rated
Dimensions Powerpack
Length: 1,308 mm
Width: 822 mm
Height: 2,185 mm
Weight: 1622 kg
Industrial Inverter
Length: 1,014 mm
Width: 1254 mm
Height: 2192 mm
Weight: 1200 kg
Site Master Controlle
rLength 229 mm
Width: 453 mm
Height: 499 mm
Weight: 14 kg
Operating Temperature Range -30C to 50C
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Communications Protocols Modbus TCP, DNP3
Certification Tesla Powerpack is compliant with relevant Australian safety and electrical standards

* Net Energy delivered at 25°C ambient temperature including thermal control

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