What is an (AWM) Atmospheric Water Machine?

An atmospheric water machine or generator is a machine that generates potable drinking water by removing water vapor in the air much like how a dehumidifier works. It however goes a step further than a dehumidifier by passing the pooled water through several filters that remove impurities thus making the water drinkable.

How does the AWM work?

The AWM uses the same mechanisms found in refrigerators, dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Warm air is first pulled into the machine where it passes cold coils with refrigerant. This condenses the water vapor which is then collected into a collection pan. The water collected is filtered several times to remove bacteria and impurities. Water that has remained in the reservoir more than a day is once again run through the filtration system to ensure its potability.

How much water does an AWM yield?

The amount of water that the machine yields is directly proportional to the humidity in the air. The rate of water production is also affected by the speed and capacity of the machine to produce dew from the ambient warm air and the speed with which it passes the pooled water through its filtration system. There are various sizes of AWM machines available but the typical yield of clean drinking water is about 4-8 gallons each day.

Why spend money on an Atmospheric Water Machine?

Bottled water is very expensive and it is not very earth friendly. Tons and tons of plastic containers and plastic cups are thrown every single day for bottled water alone.

The typical 5 gallon jug used in offices and homes may cost about $5.00 to around $10.00 per delivery.
Brand name bottled water costs around $0.50 to a staggeringly high $5.00 per gallon.

Why pay a ridiculous amount when you can produce your own clean drinking water?