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IMG_1541The wind can be harnessed as a ubiquitous source of green energy with the use of wind turbines. These wind turbines are very affordable and quiet. They can also be adapted to conform to the urban landscape. It is perfect for urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods.
A wind turbine can be put up just about anywhere to harness the power of the wind. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the city or if it’s in a rural neighborhood with a big backyard. For places that are high wind zones or in places that are prone to cyclone, there are wind turbine models that can be lowered to protect it from possible damage.
There are many different types of wind turbines available. There are smaller turbines for recreational or marine environments, then there are larger turbines for residential or commercial use. The wind turbine can generate and deliver somewhere from 1Kw, 4Kw to 9Kw and beyond. If you require power larger than 9Kw, this can be arranged upon request.


Features and Benefits

  • Doesn’t harm birds or other wildlife
  • Speed needed to start up turbine is extremely slow
  • Beautifully designed
  • Low height for residential and suburban environments
  • There are models that can be lowered to save it from possible damage in high winds, storms and hurricanes
  • Will not contribute to green house effect
  • requires no fossil fuels to start


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