Cold Room Energy Reduction

We wish to show you how we can help you reduce Co2 Emissions, Maintenance costs Running costs and Energy consumed by Cold Rooms, Refrigerated storage rooms, Chiller and Walk in Fridge’s or freezers by 20-30%. Yes its true!

Energ2 cold rooms
Energ2 cold rooms
Cold Room Energy Reduction

Super Green Solutions and EnerG2 can do this for you. We are so Confident that if you don’t see an immediate reduction on your Cold room energy consumption by 15%, we will refund your Money back and you get to keep the Unit for free. That is putting our money where our mouth is. (But we know the product works so we are happy to put up this challenge !) See an excerpt from our written Warranty below.

If the EnerG2 is purchased and savings of less than 15% are achieved, The Madison Energy Group will refund 100% of the purchase and the units are yours to keep. We’ll even honour the 10 year unlimited warranty.


Super Green Solutions have just landed the First Shipment of EnerG2 from the USA and Customers are gaining interest quicker than we expected. Call us for more info today on 4772 7655.


Within Australia, SuperGreen Solutions is proud to lead the market with one of the widest ranges of efficient products that range from Solar Power to LED Lighting, Sky lighting, Energy Storage and Energy Management products. SuperGreen Solutions has locations in 9 Countries, which helps us bring our international buying power to bear, to secure the best brands and the best prices for our clients. This is no different with EnerG2. Yet again SuperGreen Solutions has another first.

How it works

By substituting volatile air temperature around the temperature probe inside the Fridge with a food grade product that simulates the product temperature of other goods stored within the fridge. EnerG2 alters the control circuit of the compressor, which alters the start/run compressor cycle to a more energy efficient pattern of fewer cycles for longer durations, reducing motor starts and the overall kWh consumption of the compressor.

  • EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions eliminates and reduces unnecessary cooling cycles by 40-60% fewer Compressor Cycles.
  • This extends the life of the Cooler Compressor.
  • It also reduces Maintenance costs by up to 40%.
  • This can increase the cold rooms working lifespan by several years.
  • EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions comes with an unlimited 10 year Warranty.
  • The best news yet it that EnerG2 does no effect any existing warranties that your equipment may have.


It is Green

EnerG2 is not only Green it saves Green backs ($) as well. But because EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions reduces Energy Consumption used by Cold rooms and walk-in Freezers by 20-30%, they Reduce Co2 emissions by the same 20-30%. That’s a good thing for the Planet, people and Profits. In Most cases, an ROI is achieved in under a year.

EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions are So Green, they have been endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. With food Companies such as McDonalds, Domino’s Pizza, and Panera Bread already making savings is not hard to see why they are so popular. It does not stop there the Endorsements and happy customers extend to Universities, Schools, and Hotels such as the Ritz Carleton and even to Universal Studious and Walt Disney World.


Food Safety

EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions enable a more accurate means of temperature measurement. As baseline food temperature is based on Food product density rather than continual variations in air temperature as cold room doors open and close. So food temperate stays cooler and more stabilized.


Return on Investment

This a no-brainer. As the savings from a EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions start adding up from the day they are installed. Since Energy consumed drops by 20%-30% savings mirror those numbers making for a very short term return on investment. In most cases, an ROI is achieved in under one year.

Since the EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions lasts for many years the savings are recurring. (Each EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions comes with a 10 years unlimited product warrantee.)


Is it hard to install?

Not it only takes a few minutes to install. An EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions and the installation can usually be performed for under $1000.00. An EnerG2 from SuperGreen Solutions can be retrofitted too most existing Temperature probes. No Electrical alterations or Compressor modifications are required.


To find out more or to talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists, visit one of our dedicated SuperGreen Solutions Showrooms today or simply call +61 7 4772 7655 or email us to schedule a free quote from your closest SuperGreen Solutions store.

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