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Solar Power

Solar power is a green, quiet and clean energy alternative, which generates electricity by utilizing the power from the sun, these PV systems convert this power into a usable energy source. Solar Power reduces your carbon footprint by preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, allowing you and the world to be one step closer in saving the environment.

The sun hits your solar panels, the solar panels then convert the particles of sunlight (photons) into electrons of direct current electricity. Once this power is converted, the electrons begin to flow from the solar panel and into the inverter which is then ready be used in your home.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water can save you up to 90% on your hot water consumption- it only makes sense to let the sun heat up your homes water and keep your money in your pocket, where it belongs.

As you know Solar hot water collectors absorbs free energy from the sun and use this energy to heat water. By relying primarily on renewable energy sources, solar water heaters features much lower emissions than other forms of water heating devices, that rely on burning fossil fuels to create energy. This makes solar water heaters from Super Green Solutions an extremely good thing for our environment, and very economical to run.

Solar water heaters by Rheem, from Super Green Solutions come in both roof and ground mounted forms to suit various applications with a choice of either electric or gas back-up boosters for days when the suns rays are not so strong or on mostly overcast days. There are even model special models suited to particularly cold areas, which means every family can enjoy the benefits a solar hot water heater by Rheem and Super Green Solutions can offer.


Skylights enhance and beautify your building and home by letting in natural light from the sun. You will save on your lighting costs and make your home more energy efficient with this product, all while brightening your home.

The Solatube 160DS and 290DS Daylighting Systems, are amongst the world’s smartest and most advanced tubular Skylights. These, Tubular Daylight, Skylight Systems set performance standards never seen before. Our tubular Skylights feature Patented Technology that enables Solatube and SuperGreen Solutions to provide a superior product that out performs any other skylight on the market. These highly effective and simple to install, Skylights will bring abundant beautiful natural light to your home or office and transform your space from dark to dazzling and inviting.


Constantly using your aircon in the humid Australian heat? Your roof could be the problem! The interior of your roof causes major heat build ups and this can create a high drain on air conditioning costs. Solar and Wind powered roof ventilators utilize the free, “green” energy from the sun and air to remove that suffocating heat.

Roof ventilation will enhance your Insulation’s ability to reduce heat flow by reducing the heat build up in the roof cavity. There are different types of ventilation to suit your home and your budget. Ventilation helps your home breath. It assists in cooling your home and reducing energy costs. It also reduces moisture in the cooler months, minimizing mildew problems.


Proper insulation reduces electricity costs! Whether you use thermal, acoustic, reflective foil or vapor barrier, a well insulated building maintains interior cooling in the summer, warmth in the winter and also offers some noise reduction.

Insulation options from Super Green Solutions:

  • Insulation saves money and our nation’s limited energy resources.
  • Insulation makes your house more comfortable by helping to maintain a more uniform temperature throughout the house.
  • Insulation helps makes walls, ceilings, and floors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Wind Power

Wherever wind conditions are suitable, wind turbines create free, “green” energy capable of powering homes and businesses, large or small. Wind power products offer the ultimate in clean, renewable energy.Wind products are the ultimate clean “GREEN” energy source. They are affordable and ultra quiet and can be adapted for rural, urban and suburban environments.

Wind Turbines are great for all environments as they harness the energy from the wind to generate their power. In cyclonic or high wind zones many models can be lowered before named storms.

A wide range of turbines are available with small units for marine and recreation environments to larger residential and commercial units that can deliver 1 Kw, 4Kw, 9Kw or larger industrial units on request.

LED Lighting

Using LED bulbs and LED lighting systems is one of the easiest and affordable ways you can reduce your energy consumption and your energy bill. LED lights are long lasting and use much less power than incandescent and halogen bulbs. LED lights can guarantee energy savings each and every month.

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are gone, they are not banned yet everywhere but are being phased out due to the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), passed in 2007, requires this energy hungry type of luminary to be at least 25 percent more efficient than it is now. For Incandescent lighting that’s impossible to achieve without decreasing the luminous flux (brightness). So manufacturers have been forced to think wider and most have shifted to more energy-efficient technologies, such as compact fluorescents (CFLs), halogens, and LEDs.

Energy Management

Energy Management is a 24 hour, 7 day a week program that intuitively brings together all aspects of energy usage and control for home or business. Energy Management Products provide digital and computer programming with remote access to optimize multiple appliances and systems for peak operating efficiency-with respect to energy usage, temperature control, safety and environmental concerns. If you want to see for your self how Energy Management works- Finlay Homes has designed a ECO home that utilizes some of our products and others- to create a fully sustainable GREEN home, completely equipped with the latest energy management programs. This house can be viewed at the Sanctum.

The application and practice of energy conservation has always focused on the energy usage of various electrical products that create energy consumption. Selecting the right type of energy efficient appliances is critical to reducing overall electricity costs for businesses and households. In addition, the quality, durability and “green effect” of appliances must be taken into consideration as part of the total energy package.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage is becoming more popular as Homeowners and Businesses aim to drive their cost of energy down. In fact ‘Grid Desertion’ or ‘Grid Defection’ is becoming more and more Prevalent. Storing power made from renewable power sources such as SuperGreen Solutions PV Solar panels and SuperGreen Solutions Wind Turbines is not just Smart from a Fiscal point of view. It is really Green as well, as Power is now made and stored “at the Node”.

Here at SuperGreen Solutions we help our clients to Reduce their power needs with a wide range of energy saving products. Then we help them to Produce the power they need i.e. from Solar PV and then we enable them to store some of that ‘Back up power’ to be used at Night or in a ‘back out” or when ‘Load Shedding’ or power prices spike. Surplus power not used during the day or ‘Overflow power’ that cannot be stored can simply be sold back to the grid.

Cold Room Energy Reduction

We wish to show you how we can help you reduce Co2 Emissions, Maintenance costs Running costs and Energy consumed by Cold Rooms, Refrigerated storage rooms, Chiller and Walk in Fridge’s or freezers by 20-30%. Yes its true!.

Super Green Solutions Cold Room Energy Reduction and EnerG2 can do this for you. We are so Confident that if you don’t see an immediate reduction on your Cold room energy consumption by 15%, we will refund your Money back and you get to keep the Unit for free. That is putting our money where our mouth is. (But we know the product works so we are happy to put up this challenge !)

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Stations

Electric Vehicle charge stations are the recharging point for electric vehicles. They supply electric energy to recharge plug in electric vehicles and plug in hybrid vehicles. They are either 240 volt AC or 500 volt DC currents.

There are several variations of stations which allow for single vehicle charge points or multiple vehicle charge points.

EV Charging Stations can be directly connected to the “grid” (your local power company) or connected to Solar Panel Car Ports (photo voltaic) or a combination of both.
Direct Connection to Photo Voltaic Car Port systems is the “Greenest” solution because you are completely “off grid” only using the suns energy.

Water Filtration and Purification Systems

These machines draw moisture from humid air, much like a dehumidifier but, purifies/cleans the water through multiple filters and desiccants rendering the water potable or drinkable.

The most common water filters use the same technology as your air conditioner, refrigerator or dehumidifier. Warm air is drawn into the machine, passes over a set of coils that are cooled by refrigerant. Because cold air can’t hold as much water vapor as warm air it is drained into a retention pan. The water then passes through a number of filters to remove airborne particles and bacteria. If the water sits in the reservoir for longer than a day it is filtered again to keep it clean and fresh.

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