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Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall 2

SuperGreen Solutions has supplied and installed over 79 Tesla Powerwalls and solar power systems into the Prestigious Harris Crossing development in Townsville.

SuperGreen Solutions has been working with the Maidment Group, Tesla, Harris Crossing, Ergon Energy and the Townsville City Council for several years to bring this ‘Tesla Town to life’. SuperGreen Solutions helped deliver The Maidment Groups Vision with the Harris Crossing development, to create the largest sustainable housing development of its kind in Australia.

This development has the highest concentration of Tesla Powerwall installations in one housing Estate in the Southern Hemisphere.

The rising prices of dirty grid electricity has pushed many to seek better, greener energy alternatives. Homeowners and businesses alike strive to bring their expenditure down to a minimum; with the SuperGreen Solutions personal solar power stations and SuperGreen Solutions Wind Turbines, this is easily achieved. With all the available green power generation, storage and management systems available from SuperGreen Solutions, It is now the best time to be completely off the dirty power grid.

The goal of SuperGreen Solutions is to assist our clients become minimally dependent on dirty power, if not completely independent from it. We offer a wide array of green technologies, products and complete solutions for both residential and business use. We design and install personalized solar power stations that fit your individual needs. With the PV solar power station installed, your home or business will be able to produce, store and use solar energy during the day. Excess energy output can then be sold to the grid for some rebates.

Electric billing tend to be inconsistent. Electric power companies charge higher for electricity at night, during so-called peak hours and charge significantly lower prices during off peak hours during the day. This difference in pricing is what makes up the bulk of your electricity bill. SuperGreen Solutions clients that use Energy Storage solutions have an advantage over those totally dependent on the grid. With PV solar -power systems in place, a home can generate power, use it during the day and save it for use at night. This makes tapping on to the dirty grid unnecessary. Without a storage unit, the excess energy that you produce will only be bought by the electric company cheaply and they will sell it back to you at significantly higher prices. Choose to have your very own energy storage system installed at home or at your business. We offer a wide range of choices form Leading suppliers such as Solax, Tesla, BYD, Sonnen, LG, RedEarth and Alpha Storion to name a few. The new Tesla Powerwall is in store, come and see for yourself.

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The Tesla Powerwall Package from SuperGreen Solutions

SGS- For superior form and function, get the Tesla Powerwall today. At SuperGreen Solutions, we design leading technologies from the world’s best brands to create personalized power stations for our clients that generate and store solar energy efficiently during the day for use all throughout the night.

Our leading edge and expandable options incorporate ever reliable Storage systems such as new Powerwall battery from Tesla.

Allow us to design and install a Powerwall package for your home or business today. Your savings account will thank you for it.

The package that we are offering is also perfect for clients who already have existing solar panels at home. The Tesla Powerwall can be retrofitted to any PV solar system since it was designed to be compatible and complementary to all existing systems. By having us retrofit your current solar power system, you will experience a significant increase in efficiency from your Super green power station. Without the Powerwall, excess power would have been sold to the grid for cheap rebates. ( As low as 9-16c per kWh in QLD ) With the Powerwall now installed, what would have been wasted will now be stored, ready for use during peak hours, allowing for more savings. In effect, the retrofit package will essentially pay for itself saving you 27-29c per kWh for every Kw of stored energy that you use. ( Not to mention the ability for you to have 13.5KW of stored power to use in the event of a Cyclone or black out. Think of how much time money, Pollution, noise, fumes, Petrol and cost on generation equipment this will save.)

Powerwall-Tesla-Home-Battery-logoThe main thing to consider is the amount of excess power you import on a daily basis. If it exceeds 6kWh, then you need the Tesla Powerwall.

Call our experts at SuperGreen Solutions to learn more about the benefits of Solar Power and our Energy Efficient Loans.

Tesla Energy Storage Retrofit Packages

360storage The retrofit package that SuperGreen Solutions provides is made to complement current solar panel systems already in place. By adding the Tesla Powerwall battery, no excess solar energy produced will now be sent to the grid. Instead, it will be stored for use during peak hours at night to minimize, if not totally eliminate dependence on dirty power from the grid.

Is the Tesla Energy Powerwall for you?

If your current solar energy production has an average daily excess of more than 6kWh, then you will benefit from the Tesla Powerwall.

Using Energy Storage Systems for Enhancing Power Management

SuperGreen Solutions also offers Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESS) for both residential and business clients who need them. Clients with minimal needs, may only require a small system that could fit into something as small as a bar fridge. However, for clients with bigger power demands, these systems could potentially be as big as a 40 foot container. No matter the size of the DESS installed, the system can easily be managed with the use of its online user interface that you can access on your smart phone or computer.

The DESS is used to either serve as the main power supply or it can supplement power obtained from the dirty grid. If clients choose to go totally off grid, the DESS can be maintained by SuperGreen Solutions through green energy produced by hydro or wind stations.

A home or business utilizing a DESS can potentially generate enough power to reduce energy bills to zero.

Powerwall 2 Powerwall 2

Enhancing Existing Solar Power Systems with Energy Storage Systems

Power obtained from the grid is typically dirty, in that it often fluctuates. Such fluctuations in frequency and voltage may damage appliances that are plugged in, leading to very costly repairs or worse, replacements. Allow us at SuperGreen Solutions to solve this problem for you. We can install Household Energy Storage Systems (HESS) for you to smooth and stabilize the fluctuating power you receive from the grid. At the same time, it will also save solar, wind or hydro energy being connected to the system for later use.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Powerwall 2 Brochure

For more information on the Powerwall 2, click here to view their current brochure.

Going Off the Grid and Emergency Preparedness

The DESS that we at SuperGreen Solutions provide is suitable for use as a secondary source of power when the primary power from the grid fails. This is ideal for facilities that need power the most. This includes businesses, hospitals and government installations. Because of their reliability, these systems can be used during times of disasters.

Other Storage Battery Options

There are a few batteries you can choose from for your very own green power station at home. The best choices to date are AGM, Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium Iron batteries. The choice for your system will depend on your individual needs such as the capacity and power cycles needed. Contact our experts at SuperGreen solutions today for an individualized assessment.


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