We supply and install Polyester, Glasswool, Rockwool, Bubble cell, and Foam Foil faced insulation products. Versions include Batts, Blanket, Party Wall batts, Anticon, Vapourcheck and wall wraps.

Bulk insulation

Reasons for purchasing Insulation from SuperGreen Solutions

Keeping your home at that perfect temperature is the cause of most of your electric bill. Indoor climate control amounts to a half to about 70% of all your energy consumption. If you want to reduce the amount you’re paying for electricity, then you need to insulate your home effectively. A home with proper insulation will not have air conditioning and heating systems that struggle just to be able to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. When your home is properly insulated, you will have comfortably cool rooms during summer months and cozy warm beds during the winter.

Advantage of Getting Insulation:

  • Save money by preventing energy waste
  • Improvement of indoor thermal control
  • Ability to reach set temperature on thermostat faster

The amount of energy and ultimately, money saved with installation of proper insulation relies on many related factors. some of the more significant include the specific behaviors of the home’s residents when it comes to energy usage. Aside from the human factor, the material and design of the home or building also has a very big influence in the overall amount of energy usage. The previously mentioned factors can be controlled to an extent, but the third, local climate and weather are clearly out of our hands.

You will definitely be able to quickly save enough on your power bills to easily offset the amount you paid to get your home insulated. This is possible because you’re going to eliminate energy waste and significantly cut down on power consumption.

SuperGreen Solutions has a variety of insulation products to address different situations and needs. Consult with our trained experts on energy efficiency to find out which type best fits the needs of your home. You can also send your inquiries via email at mickrh@supergreensolutions.com.au.

Control of Heat Loss with Thermal Insulation

Heat loss and heat transfer need to be minimized and controlled effectively to achieve proper insulation of a home. There are many different materials that can be utilized as bulk insulation that minimizes unwanted heat loss. Consult our experts for more details on which type will fit your home.

Acoustic Insulation and Noise Reduction

Loud sounds can be a source of great nuisance. You don’t have to subject yourself to such disturbance, you can get your home soundproofed. A home that’s soundproof will be able to maintain its ambience of comfort and overall relaxation.

The best way to soundproof a room or an entire home is with the use of acoustic batts. Acoustic batts will absorb sound and muffle it by as much as 75%. This large reduction in noise levels makes getting acoustic batts a very sound decision.

Consult with our trained experts on energy efficiency today to learn more about acoustic batts and the soundproofing process for homes using acoustic insulation. We offer different materials to get the job done. They’ll be placed inside walls and floors for the best sound dampening results. They also have different R-values that differ according to the type of material. If you want higher R-value insulation, pick ones that have a R 2.0 to R 4.0 values.

Ductwork for Home

A ductwork system in your home optimizes air transfer and circulation. You can also get pre-insulated ducts from SuperGreen Solutions to make indoor temperature control easier to manage. With a well installed, high quality duct system, air leakage will be minimized. With this, your home is going to save a lot on indoor climate regulation.

You can avail of the lightest, yet still very durable KoolDuct System from Kingspan. These way only about 15% of other ducts but they are still designed to be very strong and durable. Since they are light, they require less time and effort to put up.

Advantages from Using the KoolDuct System from Kingspan

  • There are models with R.20 R-values.
  • They’re only 42 mm. This makes them ultrathin.
  • A significant reduction of 79% of the air leakage is expected
  • Very easy to install
  • Complies to the codes set by the National Construction Code (NCC), the Building Code of Australia (BCC) and fire standards

Pipe Lagging and Insulation

The sound of waste water coming down waste pipes can cause some disturbance and annoyance for residents that may suffer every time some uses the bathroom, the laundry room and the kitchen. To prevent this or alleviate an already existing problem with pipes, you need to have SuperGreen Solutions provide pipe lagging services. Pipe lagging or pipe insulating can effectively dampen and hide the noise coming from the waste pipe. Without such a noise, the home is made much more peaceful and comfortable. There are different materials and techniques to consider, call our experts today for some advice on what type of material to use for a very effective noise eliminating effect.

Consult with our trained experts on energy efficiency to find out which type of insulation best fits the needs of your home. We are located at SuperGreen Solutions at 7/90 Aumuller St, Portsmith, Cairns, where we have a variety of insulation products to address different situations and needs. Consult with our trained experts on energy efficiency to find out which type best fits the needs of your home. You can also send your inquiries via email at mickrh@supergreensolutions.com.au