The incandescent light bulb will soon be out of the picture. There is a law in effect since 2007 called the EISA or the Energy Independence and Security Act that is forcing manufacturers to drop the incandescent light bulb from its repertoire. According to the law, the incandescent light bulb needs to be 25% more energy efficient. This is impossible to do without lowering the lumens of the bulb too. Because of the impossible nature of the task, manufacturers of light bulbs have decided that they are better off dropping the product entirely and focusing instead on newer, more efficient technology. There are two candidates to choose from. The first is the Compact Fluorescent Light or the CFL and the other is the Light Emitting Diode or the LED. Because a CFL contains mercury, the LED wins effortlessly when it comes to being both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The LED is the best choice, going forward. They are very affordable, consume minimal power and produce significantly less heat.

To summarize the advantages of using an LED:

  • An LED bulb will use only 10% of what an incandescent bulb would use
  • An LED bulb will produce only 10% heat of what an incandescent bulb produces
  • Cuts power usage and saves money
  • Does not have mercury in it
  • A majority of the world uses it. 65% of the total population.

MR 16 LEDs by SuperGreen Solutions – We have LED replacements for the MR 16 halogen type down lights. If you want to abandon the use of halogen lights because they burn out much earlier or if they cause higher electric bills, then the LED replacement is perfect for you. The LED MR 16 is compatible with dimmer controls and halogen transformers too.

GU10 LEDs from SuperGreen Solutions – If your lights still employ the GU 10 Halogens, then for your own financial benefit, you should replace them with GU10 LEDs. The LED version only requires a fraction of the power a halogen needs. Only 15% of the power needed to be exact. These LEDs also don’t generate that much heat at all, so they don’t damage very sensitive fabrics. They also have very remarkable life span at 20, 000 hours.

E26 and E27 Lights from SuperGreen Solutions – Incandescent E26 and E27s need to be replaced by E26 and E27 LEDs if you want to benefit from the advantages of LEDs. These LED lights are efficient power savers. They’re readily compatible with dimmer control switches and last 20x longer than the typical incandescent bulb.

LED Tubes from SuperGreen Solutions
– Use T5, T8 and T12 LEDs to replace your fluorescent tube today. Get these LED tubes from SuperGreen Solutions and experience less power consumption from just needing half of the power it takes to light up a fluorescent tube to just about a fourth. These LEDs also last far longer which minimizes on your replacement costs

A19 LED light by SuperGreen Solutions
– Don’t buy another fluorescent tube again. Replace all your current and spent T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes with the LED tube replacements. These produce the same lumens of light for less of the energy needed. In fact only 1/4 of the power is required for the light to shine bright. These tubes also last significantly longer, which makes replacement costs are cut down.

A19 LED light by SuperGreen Solutions
– If you want to replace your A19s with LEDs, you can choose from either warm or cool light versions. The warm light has a lumens of 18000 while the cool light has a lumens of 27000. The A19 LED only needs about 15% of the power needed by the A19 incandescent bulb. With the A19 LED, an omnidirectional source of light is covered by a protective hard plastic shell or by actual, breakable glass. The LED A19 turns on immediately with no lag time. Its lifespan is at 25,000 hours.

LED BayLights by SuperGreen Solutions
– If you’re concerned about the planet, then you need to swap out your metal halide luminaries (250 W- 450 W) with the LED fitting equivalents (150W-200W). This is because the LED produce less CO2 than the metal halides. The LEDs also don’t use up a lot of power which could lower your bills significantly. Another benefit is that the LED light doesn’t emit IR (infrared) or UV (ultraviolet) radiation, which is always good.

The lights listed above are just some over 250 Popular light fixtures and models. To find out more about LED lighting, High Bays, Low Bays, Flood Lights, LED tubes, LED Bulbs and Battens, Panel LEDs, Strip LEDs, Solar LEDs and Custom LEDs.

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The Redilight Spectra

How the Redilight Spectra Works

The Spectra uses a hybrid power source. During the day it runs on solar power generated from its PV solar panels. The amount of light Spectra shines is directly proportional to the amount of light the sun shines on the solar panels. So it is particularly cloudy outside, the Spectra too will shine dimly. If you want to turn on the Spectra to its full power at night, then you can just use the grid.

There is also an optional control switch you can get called the Day/Night control which allows the Spectra to be manually turned on during the day or night.

SuperGreen Solutions and Redilight are proud to say that the Spectra uses the best LEDs in the market – Cree LEDs. These are the best in class and surpasses all other brands at brightness, durability and energy efficiency.

The warranty from Redilight guarantees many years of optimal service from this innovative product.

Compare our products online or to talk to one of our Trained lighting and Energy Efficient Specialists at one of our dedicated Showrooms call 07 4772 7655 or email to simply schedule a Free Quote.

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