Solar Star Roof Vent Kit

Why You Should Get a Solar Star Roof Mounted Ventilation Kit

SuperGreen Solutions is proud to bring your the Solatube Solar Star Roof Mount Ventilator. This is a fully solar-powered ventilator that effectively cools an entire home by cooling attic spaces through ventilation of warm, moist air. The ventilator kit comes with its own photovoltaic solar panels that produce the electric power for its motor.

With the PV solar panels it comes with, the Solar Star Ventilator is able to produce its very own solar power to turn its fan on. With this complete system, it doesn’t need to tap into the grid for additional power. This makes installation very easy to do since electrical wiring systems don’t have to be set up. Call SuperGreen Solutions today to have trained installers put up the ventilators for optimal cooling effect and best aesthetics.

You’re going to have a cooler home even during hot summer days if you have your Solar Star Roof Mount Vent running. The fan prevents hot, moist air from getting trapped inside the attic space of your home by a strong suctioning effect. This results in a cool dry attic space that also affects the rest of the rooms in the house, making them also significantly cooler. This cooling effect is achieved without ever tapping into the power grid which means, running the attic fan requires no cost.

One of the most important benefits of the Solar Star is that it also preserves your home. By eliminating moisture, your home will maintain its structural integrity longer. You’ll avoid getting mold growth, wood rot and even the occasional peeling or chipping paint job.

See our sky lighting specialists at the SuperGreen Solutions showroom for more information about the Solar Star Ventilator. You can also email us at You can also drop by one of our showroom locations to check out the products for yourself.

The Two Roof Mount Solar Attic Ventilators: the RM 1200 and the RM 1600


The RM 1200, with its smaller power generating capacity is designed for smaller attics and milder climate. Its larger brother, the RM 1600 is designed for bigger attics and hotter climates. Whichever you have installed, as long as it’s appropriate for the type of attic you have, will do the job well. Both models are strong enough to produce a vortex that eliminates warm air that’s inside the attic. This maintains the attic space at a cool temperature which also brings down the temperature of the rest of the home. This cooling function is great for the Australian home. Running these ventilators everyday throughout the year will be very cost efficient sine they require no grid power and they’re also very convenient since they produce virtually no noise.

The Benefits of Owning a Solar Star Roof Mount Ventilator

If during the summer months, you don’t have a Solar Star Roof Mount ventilator, you’re going to experience an uncomfortable indoor climate. It’s going to be hot and humid and you may counteract this by turning on your air conditioning system but this is going to be quite expensive. To be cost effective in keeping your home cool, you need to make use of the Solar Star Roof Mount Ventilator to eliminate of the hot air and humidity first. This will significantly create a cooler indoor climate in your home. If you still prefer to bring the temperature down further, you can use your air conditioning system efficiently this time. Since it will no longer struggle with the heat. However, the results with the Solar Star alone will be significant enough for the house to be comfortably cool.

The Functions of the Solar Star Roof Mount Ventilator

  • cools attic spaces and keeps them dry, this leads to a cooler overall indoor climate
  • removes warm, humid air thus supporting your air conditioning system
  • reduces power consumption for home cooling purposes
  • prevents damage caused by moisture

Features of the 2 Roof Mount Solar Star Models Available

  • The Solar Star RM 1200 produces 10 watts of power while the larger RM 1600 produces 22 watts of power with its PV solar panels.
  • The PV solar panels are built tough. They survive rain, wind, snow and even hail and other solid objects that might hit it
  • The PV solar panels generate DC electricity that runs the efficient brushless DC motor that runs the fan.
  • There are three aesthetic mounting configurations available to choose from.
  • It utilizes the Venturi tube design that produces optimum strong air flow for the best cooling effect

See our sky lighting specialists at the SuperGreen Solutions today for more information about the Solar Star Ventilator. You can also email us at You can also drop by one of our showroom locations to check out the products for yourself.

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