Rheem Loline Solar Hot Water Heater

Why you should buy the Rheem Loline Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar hot water collectors use very green technology since they use the sun as their main source of energy to heat up water. By doing this, solar water heaters help reduce the amount of green house emissions that get released in the environment. Aside from this environmental benefit, you will also reap its economic benefits too. Because it uses free energy, your electrical bill is going to go down significantly.

With the Rheem Loline Solar Hot Water Heater, you can choose to mount the solar panels on the roof or on the ground, depending on your space availability. You also get your choice of back-up power sources. You can either choose electric or gas. You’ll only need to activate this back-up system when it’s unusually cloudy and the system isn’t getting enough sun to power the heater.


  • Tanks come in sizes from 160 – 410 Litres
  • Uses the sun as a main power source for water heating
  • Option to mount panels on the ground or roof
  • 2 options for back-up power (electric or gas)
  • Helps prevent emissions of green house gases


Superb Energy Efficiency

Only uses 30% of the power needed to power a typical electric water heater, translating to 70% less power consumption that leads to more savings.

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Each unit of the Rheem Loline Solar Hot Water Heater will save up to 3.3 tonnes of environmentally hazardous green house gases every single year.

Cutting Dependence on Fossil Fuels

The abundance of solar power in Australia is a boon that our generation must take advantage of to help save the world for the future generations.
By using solar power, you are also cutting your dependence on fossil fuels that produce environmentally damaging emissions when burned.


Each solar water heater is equipped with a drain-back heat exchange technology that prevents freezing during very cold winters and overheating during extremely hot summers.

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Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heater

Why The Apricus Solar Hot Water Heat is a Great Buy

The vacuum tube technology that is used by Apricus is very effective when it comes to storing and utilizing the sun’s rays. In fact, 95% of the sun’s life giving rays are utilized for water heating. This technology works similarly to what is seen in a Thermos. This means that the contents of the tank are insulated from the outside, ambient environment allowing for efficient water heating during the coldest of winters. The system is designed and tested to still function effectively under an extreme -15°C temperature.

This superb solar hot water heater from Apricus is produced right here on Australian soil. Under the guidance of Mick Humphreys, the Apricus Global CEO. The production facility that he runs is regularly inspected by both European and Australian standards commissions. The facility currently exceeds Australian Standards (AS2712:2002), American Standards (SRCC) and European Standards (Solarkeymark) for environmental requirement and product standards. It’s also ISO9001:2008 certified.

Features and Functions

The Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heater is so efficient and effective that the same model used in homes is also used in larger commercial buildings, though the latter may require up to 100 units.

The Apricus Evacuated Tubes can be effective used for:

  • solar water heating at home or businesses
  • pool heating for residential or commercial use
  • radiator and under-floor space heating
  • pre heating of commercial-type boilers
  • effective bottle warming for use in dairies

Benefits of Using Apricus Evacuated Tube Water Heaters

You’ll get a very confidence-inspiring 15 year warranty with each Apricus Evacuated Tube Water Heater.

Water is heated with the help of the Apricus pump station that moves water from the tank to the copper heat exchange that’s inside the manifold. Heat from the tube is transferred to the relatively colder water that runs through the manifold. As the water vapour condenses and returns to its liquid state, the process is ready to start again.

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Introducing the Rinnai Instantaneous Gas & Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Rinnai Continuous Gas Flow Water Heater

The Rinnai INFINITY Instant Gas Hot Water Heater only heats water when the tap is turned on. Because of this as needed basis of activation, the Rinnai INFINITY is particularly very efficient with its energy consumption. You also have the option of using a SuperGreen Solutions water controller for accurate control of the temperature to consistently keep the water as hot as you want it. With this combo for your water heating needs, you are sure to have a sophisticated and very effective system.

Rinnai Heat Pump Water Heater

The Rinnai Heat Pump Water Heater is very similar to an air conditioner in terms of the mechanisms of its function, though in reverse. The Rinnai HOTFLO Split Heat Pump that we offer at SuperGreen Solutions uses the heat from its surrounding environment to effectively heat the water in its tank. This type of water heater is great for areas that don’t have space for a roof mounted system.

The heat pump water heater is efficient enough to cut energy costs of water heating down to just a about a third when compared to traditional electric water heaters. This means that you are saving two-thirds of what you would usually pay for with an electric heater.


Continuous Gas Flow

  • Premium quality Japanese design
  • Produced in a stat of the art factory
  • Designed and engineered to be durable enough to last for years
  • Presence of Quick Connect Junctions for temperature controls
  • Presence of temperature stability technology that produces a consistent temperature for water
  • 6 star efficiency as judged for 16 to 26 litre units

Heat Pumps

  • Efficiency is comparable to that of the Home Solar Hot Water units
  • Steel tank is made out of high quality, durable commercial-grade stainless steel
  • Compressor, control system and heat exchanger are durable and compact
  • Comes with a remarkable 10 year warranty
  • Can be split into two parts for convenient transport


They use green sources of energy that don’t rely too heavily on electric power. These units are exceedingly more efficient than traditional electric powered heaters because of this, leading to more savings both financially and in terms of green house gases emitted into the environment.

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Learn About the Sun Flux Solar Hot Water Heater

Sun Flux

It’s an innovative way of using Solar PV Panels for heating water. The best selling point for the Sun Flux system is the fact that this is effectively a retrofit package for your existing electric water heater. You don’t need to buy a new tank, just connect the Sun Flux system with your existing one.

This whole process is made possible with the use of advanced microprocessors and IGBT tech that produces a DC output that’s much more efficient that AC. It also uses its own PV Solar panels, so it won’t leech power from your existing PV solar power station.

This system is so efficient that 96% of the solar energy that is absorbed is effectively utilized as heating power for the water.

And if you were ever wondering, the Sun Flux Solar Power Hot Water Heater is qualified for the STC Rebate.

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The Sun Flux Hot Water controller is suited to work with

  • All forms and brands of electric water heating tanks
  • All forms and brands of PV solar panels
  • All forms and brands of standard AC elements and thermostats


  • Can be used for on grid or off grid heating of water
  • Can be used for hybrid heating of water (using solar and electric)
  • Can be used to preheat the gas hot water heater