All About Solar Power

The electric power that is generated by using the light energy of the sun is what is called as – Solar Power. The sun is a virtually inexhaustible source of abundant green and clean energy, making it the most ideal choice as power source. Using solar power is much more desirable especially when compared to traditional dirtier sources of energy that includes fossil fuel-based power stations and nuclear power-based power plants.

To utilize the sun’s light rays fully, a set of PV or photovoltaic solar panels or solar cells are used. These PV solar panels convert light from the sun into electricity that you can use for free at home or at your business. The photons in the sun’s rays hit the free electrons in the PV solar panels thus starting the photovoltaic effect. When electrons are excited, they produce electricity. The electricity that is produced by this effect can be used directly to provide power for appliances in real time during the day or stored in batteries for use at night.

By utilizing solar power stations, you are transforming your home into a green home that produces less carbon emissions if any. You’ll be positively contributing to reducing man’s overall negative impact on the world by helping prevent green house gases that create global warming.

How the Photovoltaic Solar Panel Works

One of the main things to keep in mind when installing PV solar systems is the correct placement of the panels. The solar panels need to be in direct contact with the full force of the sun’s rays to produce the best effect. Electricity from solar energy starts with the sun inexhaustibly giving off light that travels down to Earth. This light is made up of photons that make contact with free electrons inside the PV solar panels. When the electrons are hit by photons, they get excited, generating electricity in what is called – the photovoltaic effect.

The photovoltaic effect generates DC or Direct Current electricity. This type of electricity cannot be readily used by appliances and machines at home or at businesses. This is why it’s first converted by an inverter into its AC or Alternating Current form. This is what is used in real time for powering appliances or stored in batteries.

A home that has an operational solar power station will mainly use the power it generates as its primary source of electricity both during the day and at night. If the power generated is less than the power consumption needs, then that’s the only time that the solar powered home will tap into the dirty power grid for back up electricity. Because of this independence from the grid, solar powered homes can expect to pay significantly less for electricity. In fact, if the solar power generated exceeds the consumption of the home, then surplus solar power will be produced.

Solar Power Surplus from Home PV Solar Power Stations

Solar power surplus is the result of having more power generated from your solar systems than the amount being consumed. This excess solar power can then be sent to the electric power companies for a fee in the form rebates that they give you. Instead of you paying them for electricity, it’s them that’s paying you for your electricity. In essence, you are now the power provider of the electric companies.

Know more on how to become a net positive solar power station client by calling SuperGreen Solutions.

Installing PV Solar Power Stations

SuperGreen Solutions installs the most reliable PV Solar Power Stations. When you call us for installation, we’ll tap our contractors for the job. All the contractors working for us are insured and license. They are selected for exemplary work that matches our own high standards. We trust in them to effectively install the systems according to the standards of the company.

Solar Power Stations for Homes

The decision to have a PV solar power station installed at home is a very financially brilliant decision. By doing so you are both saving the world and yourself. You will be able to reduce your carbon footprint significantly by not contributing to the green house effect that produces global warming. You’re also saving yourself thousands on expenses related to electricity consumption. If you succeed at turning your home into a net positive solar powered home, you’ll even make a profit with rebates. And since more and more people are joining the green revolution, your home is going to fetch a higher price in the market simply by being green and solar powered.

Earning Rebates from Electric Companies and Government Incentives

For information on getting rebates from electric companies and incentives from the government for solar power use, call SuperGreen Solutions at 4772 7655. You can also send your inquiries via email to Learn how you too can save thousands of dollars each year.

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