Tesla has once again revolutionized the way green energy is managed. From the company that gave the world the best home green energy solutions with the Powerwall 1 and 2, comes the next big thing in commercial green energy management – the Powerpack 2.

Expandability and Scalability

The Tesla Powerpack technology is designed to be future-proof. Its design gives it room to adapt and to be configured according to the power demands of the client. It is entirely scalable and can be scaled up for greater power demands. Each increment is done in 250kWh increases and a system can be as small as 100kWh or as large as 100MWh. There are 16 individual battery pods in each Tesla Powerpack and each of these pods has its very own temperature control mechanism that keeps it in ideal working condition.

The Tesla Powerpack is an Ideal Battery Storage fit for Commercial Use

SuperGreen Solutions was founded on the back of 17 years of experience in the green energy field. To date, the largest project SuperGreen Solutions has accomplished is also the largest Powerwall 2 system installed in Australia. This is located at Harris Crossing, Townsville. We are proud to say that this project is the result of our dedication and technical expertise with clean energy solutions. We also have wide international presence with over 40 locations within 9 countries.

To make top quality green solutions products available in Australia, we have global sources for materials. This however doesn’t take away from the fact that we are at heart an Australian company for the Australian people. We know your needs and we design our services to fit your residential and commercial needs. This is why our people are trained and certified by Tesla to install and manage Tesla products according to their high standards.

To learn more about the new Tesla Powerpack 2, call our experts today at (07) 4772 7655. We strive to provide you with all the relevant information on green energy, Tesla products , power saving and electric bills that you need to make an informed decision. Contact SuperGreen Solutions today.

SuperGreen Solutions is currently one of the world’s biggest partners of Tesla worldwide. At the time of writing, we had already supplied over 1300 Kilowatts of all Tesla Powerwall 2’s installed, this is out of 900 installed MWh worldwide.

Tesla used lithium-ion technology for the battery to improve its energy density. This combined with their advanced, innovative electronics, effective heat management, world-leading engineering knowledge and an overall beautiful design makes the Powerpack 2 from Tesla the best in its class. This battery storage system is built with the commercial needs of a business in mind. By utilizing the Powerpack 2, existing solar energy power stations can now become more efficient. Power that would’ve been sent to the grid can now be stored for future use. This just might enable your business to go off the grid fully.

The Powerpack 2 is the latest and most efficient battery storage system that has come out of Tesla to date. 10 years of hard work in the Tesla labs have led to the creation of the Powerpack 2. Before its debut for commercial battery storage use, the technology was first introduced in the Model S car. A collective 1.6 billion kilometers driven on the Model S has proven that the technology is efficient and extremely robust.

With its advanced dual cooling and refrigeration loop systems, the Tesla Powerpack 2 is continuously kept within the most ideal temperature range for its function. This feature that allows the system to keep cool under hot temperature extremes makes it ideal for the Australian climate.

The Benefits of Having a Tesla Powerpack 2 Battery System

This is how the Tesla Powerpack can save you money

  • Load Shifting – The Tesla Powerpack enables you to use stored solar power during peak hours instead of relying on the grid
  • Demand Response – Supply can be boosted depending on power demands of the business
  • Maximum Solar Returns – With the Tesla Powerpack 2, solar energy produced will now be efficiently stored for later use instead of being fed into the grid for rebates
  • Micro-grid – The use of the Powerpack 2, creates your own personal grid that you can rely on for most of your power needs.
  • Electricity Market Participation – If need be, excess solar power produced can still be fed into the grid for incentives and rebates
  • Slash Demand Charges – You can reduce your power bills by using stored solar power during peak hours to avoid paying a high price for electricity.
  • Emergency Backup – The Tesla Powerpack is a reliable source of back up electricity during times of crisis.
  • Defer Infrastructure Upgrades – You don’t need to upgrade your current PV solar power system when you have the Tesla Powerpack. With this extremely efficient battery system, you will be able to store more of the power you produce for future use.

What are the New Enhancements Made to the Tesla Powerpack 2

  • Storage Availability is allowed for the utility industry
  • Over double the energy density of the previous Powerpack model.
  • integrates seamlessly with the electric power grid
  • The new Tesla Inverter it uses is the most efficient in the market
    Has better interface and software that provide better controls

If you want to know more about how you too can get the Tesla Powerpack 2 and reap its benefits on your business, then contact us at SuperGreen Solutions today. You can talk to our experts at (07) 4772 7655 about how the Powerpack can save you tons on your electric bills.

Specifications of the New Tesla Powerpack 2

Energy Capacity 210 kWh (AC) per Powerpack
Peak Power 50 kW
Powerpack Enclosure IP35 – outdoor rated
Dimensions Powerpack
Length: 1,308 mm
Width: 822 mm
Height: 2,185 mm
Weight: 1622 kg
Industrial Inverter
Length: 1,014 mm
Width: 1254 mm
Height: 2192 mm
Weight: 1200 kg
Site Master Controlle
rLength 229 mm
Width: 453 mm
Height: 499 mm
Weight: 14 kg
Operating Temperature Range -30C to 50C
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Communications Protocols Modbus TCP, DNP3
Certification Tesla Powerpack is compliant with relevant Australian safety and electrical standards

* Net Energy delivered at 25°C ambient temperature including thermal control

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