What’s an (AWM) Atmospheric Water Machine or Generator

This machine is literally able to make water out of thin air – well, humid air to be precise. This machine makes clean, drinkable water free from any contaminants and bacteria with just the ambient humid air as ingredient. The process it uses is similar to that of a dehumidifier but with an additional process of filtration.

How does this miraculous machine work?

The entire process begins with the ambient, humid air entering the machine, making contact with the cold coils inside. The coils are cold because of refrigerant. Dew will form over the coils and will pool at a collection basin below. The water collected will then be filtered multiple times to ensure that all bacteria and contaminants are removed, making it clean and safe for drinking. Water left to sit for a day is filtered again for safety and freshness.

How much clean water is generated by the AWM?

The amount of water that’s made by an AWM will depend mostly on the level of humidity of the air. This is also dictated by how fast or how easily dew forms on the coils and the amount of time it take for the water to reach the end of the filtration system. There are currently different size AWMs available in the market but the typical yield is around 15 – 30 litres of fresh, drinkable, clean water. This exceeds the amount needed by a typical home or even medium- sized office.

Why buy an (AWM) Atmospheric Water Machine?

You should buy an AWM because water prices are getting out of hand. Also, if you want to reduce the amount of plastic containers that reach landfills, then you shouldn’t patronize products that use plastic as container. The most blatant culprit is of course, bottled water.

You can also avoid paying $5 to $10 per delivery for the 19 litre water jugs that are used at home or at the office.

If you’re drinking name brand bottled water, then you’ll be saving from $0.50 up to $5.00 for every 3.7 litres. These expenses stack up in the long run, save money and save the Earth by buying an Atmospheric Water Machine today.

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