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SuperGreen Solutions Australia are accredited local Agents for Energy Storage brands such as Alpha Storion, Energy Storage, Solax SolarX Box, Tesla PowerWall, LG Chem, Appollo SolarBatt, Schneider, GCL, Magellan, SMA, Ampetus, YHI, Replus, Goodwee, Giant Power and Canadian Solar battery back up systems.

Our range of AGM, Gell, Carbon and Lithium Ion wall mount and Battery storage cabinets is unsurpassed. Select a size to suit your needs ranging from 6kW to 15kW Energy Storage capacity.

See the Local Agents for Energy Storage options for your home or business. Dont risk it by using an out of town company. Lear more about our AGM, Carbon, Gell or Lithium Ion Battery storage cabinets, from the Energy Efficient specialist right here in Townsville. Learn about the best brands and the best service and back up. See a wide range of solar and Storage options ranging in capacity from 9kW to 15kW for your home.

Or ask about our 250KW – 1 Megawatt Containerised solutions. Call on 07 4772 7655.

Energy Storage from Super Green.


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