Power companies slug homes with solar power with $428 a year, in new FIXED fees

SuperGreen Solar

The Townsville Bulletin on the week end pointed out that, in another move to gouge more money from home owners with Solar power, Power companies have begun to slug homes with solar power with up to $428 a year, in new FIXED fees. At SuperGreen Solutions we commend the Townsville Bulletin for highlighting this issue. Over 2500 Queensland have already signed a petition to end this ‘unfair’ treatment of those that are clearly doing the right thing by the environment viagra aus holland bestellen. Its FREE solar power free from the sun – ‘Why should we now pay the power company to have it ?’ One disgruntled home owner said.

With moves like this it is little wonder so many people are starting to defect the grid with energy storage units. So they no longer need grid power and these continual price hikes and sneaky fees.

If You would like to ‘take your power back’ and start storing your solar power to use at night. Call SuperGreen Solutions.


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