Power to the people. Home over owners take their power back!. Energy Storage adoption rates in Australia see massive growth. Why – Its cheaper to store and use your own power on site rather than sell it to the power company during the day and buy it back at night, at four times the price. See the New Lithium Ion based Alpha Storage ESS at SuperGreen Solutions now. Options range from 6 – 15 KW capacity. Energy Storage units are expendable to suit most users demand. In essence if your energy storage unit is sized correctly you should have enough power to run your home through the night or during a power outage. Home owners are not alone in their hunt to find the best deals on ESS Units. SME’s and Corporate clients are defecting the grid in ever increasing numbers as well. Watch out Power companies – you are loosing your power, as Power transfers back to the People. Clean Power to the people.

2013-04-03 16.56.27 HDR

ESS Growth in AUS

Alpha Storeon ESS 12 KW


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