How is the PowerWall 2 Different to other batteries?

Tesla Powerwall

The Aussie guide to basic comparisons between the PowerWall 2, the LG Chem Resu and the sonnenBatterie energy Storage systems.
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TESLA, LG and Sonnen Batteries

OK So How is the PowerWall 2 Different to other batteries?

Well, As SuperGreenSolutionsAus commented on when Tesla officially unveiled the PowerWall 2, two months ago. We stated that the new PowerWall 2 battery pack would be game changer in the home energy storage and small businesses energy storage market.
The new price point from
Tesla for twice the energy capacity and the integrated inverter are hard to beat specs for any competition, as the PowerWall 2 has been significantly increased up to 14Kw since Tesla introduced first generation PowerWall 1 with 6.4Kw over a year ago.

In order to get a better idea of how disruptive the new PowerWall 2 can be, commentators like compared it with some of the other important residential home battery pack solutions back on the 31 October.

It’s also interesting to note that the price points of most new battery solutions have so far made them unavailable to most markets in the US. Like Tesla’s first generation PowerWall, other companies have concentrated their efforts on markets with higher electricity rates, like ours in Australia and Germany.

But more recently, some of the biggest players in the field felt confident enough to enter the US market, like LG with the RESU and sonnenBatterie with the Eco Compact. Both companies already had some measure of success with their systems, especially sonnenBatterie in its home country of Germany, but it will be interesting to see how they will fair with Tesla’s new product arriving in Aus in Feb 17.

They all offer stackable/modular solutions to increase the power output or energy capacity of their respective system, but when you compare the base version of each solution, it becomes clear that Tesla has a significant energy capacity and cost advantage: as the Tesla PowerWall 2 comes out at around 1/3 the cost of the other leading brands, when one looks at price per watt.
Tesla 2 also has higher energy density I.e.
The Sonne Batterie Eco Compact has 4kw,
The LG Chen Resu has 6.5Kw
The Tesla PowerWall 2 has 14 Kw. (Taking orders for Install in March 17)
The Tesla PowerWall 1 has 7.2/6.4 Kw. (Is available in Aus now)

Importantly for people that live in hotter climates like we have here in Australia, the Tesla PowerWall 2 is Glycol cooled so as to inhibit a Overheating and possible thermal runaway.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said this about the PowerWall 2 back in August : “I think it’s going to be really exciting when people see it. That’s why I expect exponential growth from there. I think it’s really going to go ballistic,” but with the specs above, it looks like he might have been right.

It will be very difficult for anyone to justify buying anything else than the PowerWall when for the same price or less, you can get at least twice the energy capacity.
Ultimately, the overall value is found in the cost per kWh delivered, which is determined by how long the battery pack will last, but considering Tesla offers a 10-year warranty with “unlimited cycles”, it looks like they are pretty confident on the PowerWall’s durability.

Regardless of your application, the higher energy capacity is welcomed. If you simply want to use it for backup power, you will be able to power your home for longer periods of time in extended power outages or use more electric appliances during those outages. PowerWall 2 can run the main appliances of an average 4 bedroom home for a full day, supplanting the need for a generator for many, even if they don’t have solar panels to refill the battery during the day.

If you are using it with a solar installation or to offset peak power demand, you will be able to store more cheap energy and use it later when the sun doesn’t shine or when electricity rates are higher in your region.

And what is particularly interesting is that it’s not like Tesla is just the first company unveiling the latest generation of their product and LG and sonnenBatterie will soon be update their offerings too. Actually, both LG Chem’s RESU and sonnenBatterie’s eco compact have either received an upgrade or been unveiled in the past few months.

It goes to show that Tesla could very well be building a significant lead here in AUS.

All 3 products are expected to enter the US market almost simultaneously in Q4 2017. That’s after Australia. As some of our Aussie clients have already placed orders with us for Tesla’s PowerWall 2’s. With expectations to have them installed in March 2017.
Get your order in ASAP as 70% of our order of 35 Units have already been accounted for.
Credit for much of the data and quotes in this update has to be credited to Electrek and Bloomberg energy news bulletins.
Call the #SuperGreenTeam at #SuperGreenAus on 07 47727655 for more info or to place your order.

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