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This Video was made by Tesla about Harris Crossing in Townsville. This community has become model and example of the what all communities should look like in the of our future.
This is a fantastic initiative from the team at Maidment Group, as it is leading the way in Solar Power and home battery technology for all to follow.
SuperGreen Solutions are proud to have been a part of this industry leading technology, and to have worked with Maidment Group and Townsville’s leading builders to supply and install the Tesla Powerwalls and Solar power systems into 95% of resident’s homes at Harris Crossing.
This is another example of how developers, builders and Solar power and Battery storage specialists can work together to ensure that Homeowners can build future proof homes, that generate, store and consumer their own energy day and night. All the while saving money, Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making these homeowners more resilient to power outages and blackouts. If you would also like to start accessing the suns Free & clean Solar power, both day ‘day and night’– call the SuperGreen Solutions team to find out how much money Solar Power and Battery storage can save you.

Solar Panel

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall 2

SuperGreen Solutions has supplied and installed over 79 Tesla Powerwalls and solar power systems into the Prestigious Harris Crossing development in Townsville.

SuperGreen Solutions has been working with the Maidment Group, Tesla, Harris Crossing, Ergon Energy and the Townsville City Council for several years to bring this ‘Tesla Town to life’. SuperGreen Solutions helped deliver The Maidment Groups Vision with the Harris Crossing development, to create the largest sustainable housing development of its kind in Australia.

This development has the highest concentration of Tesla Powerwall installations in one housing Estate in the Southern Hemisphere.

Energy Storage is becoming more popular as Homeowners and Businesses aim to drive their cost of energy down. In fact ‘Grid Desertion’ or ‘Grid Defection’ is becoming more and more Prevalent. Storing power made from renewable power sources such as SuperGreen Solutions PV Solar panels and SuperGreen Solutions Wind Turbines is not just Smart from a Fiscal point of view. It is really Green as well, as Power is now made and stored “at the Node”.

Here at SuperGreen Solutions we help our clients to Reduce their power needs with a wide range of energy saving products. Then we help them to Produce the power they need i.e. from Solar PV and then we enable them to store some of that ‘Back up power’ to be used at Night or in a ‘back out” or when ‘Load Shedding’ or power prices spike. Surplus power not used during the day or ‘Overflow power’ that cannot be stored can simply be sold back to the grid.

In many places around the world ‘time of use’ Billing is occurring. Simply put power prices will increase to up to 3 times the normal rate at Peak Demand times. i.e. In the morning and late afternoon and early evening when most demand on the Gird occurs. That is when SuperGreen Solutions clients with our Energy Storage units, laugh all the way to the bank. As they seamlessly use the power they have stored earlier and save money and Co2 Emissions at the same time. The new “feed in tariff” is at a very low rate hence many of our clients are deserting the grid. As they Refuse to sell their ‘Green power” Cheap and buy back Dirty Grid power at 3 to 4 times the rate at night. Enter Energy Storage units from SuperGreen solutions. We offer a wide range of choices form Leading suppliers such as Solax, Tesla, BYD, Sonnen, LG, RedEarth and Alpha Storion to name a few. The new Tesla Powerwall is in store, come and see for yourself.

 SuperGreen Solutions Premium Tesla Energy Powerwall Packages

SGS-Tesla-Fronius-ad2_02SuperGreen Solutions solar storage systems offer superior style and functionality allowing you to generate and store your solar electricity for use day and night.

We combine world leading solar panel and inverter technology with Storage systems featuring the Powerwall Tesla Home Battery.

Let SuperGreen Solutions design your powerstation. It’s worth it!

Even if you already have a Solar power system you can add a one of our Tesla Battery Retrofit packages to your PV solar system. These Powerwalls are designed to connect to existing solar systems. They can intercept and store the solar electricity that isn’t used during the day, that would normally be exported to the grid. Potentially earning you or saving you next to nothing!

Our Retrofit packages allow our customers who have already experienced the benefits of solar, ensure they get the full return on their solar system and make that solar PV system harder now as it will work day and night!

Powerwall-Tesla-Home-Battery-logo This is the key… If you export more than 6kWh on an average day, then a Tesla Energy Powerwall form SuperGreen Solutions is for you.

Why not ask about our Solar Power and or Energy Efficient Green loans… that way you can have the Product help you, pay for itself.

Tesla Energy Storage Retrofit Packages

360storageTesla Energy Storage Retrofit Packages featuring the Powerwall are designed to connect to existing solar systems, intercept and store the solar electricity that isn’t used and would normally be exported to the grid. Potentially for next to nothing!

Our Retrofit packages allow our customers who have already experienced the benefits of solar ensure they get the full return on their solar system and make it work day and night!

Sizing your Storage System is easy!

If you export more than 6-7kWh on an average day, then the Tesla Energy Powerwall is for you.

Powerwall 2 Powerwall 2

Powerwall 2 Brochure

For more information on the Powerwall 2, click here to view their current brochure.

Energy Stores Units enhance Power Management

(DESS) Distributed Energy Storage Systems from Super Green Solutions are smart energy power solutions, which can be used in residential or a small business situations. We have Units that range in power storage capacity from 3 KW to 1 Megawatt. The Smaller units take up less space than a bar Fridge but the larger units take up the space of a 40 Foot Container. Either way all units are able to interact with the Building and can be controlled or managed from a smart Phone or Via the Internet. They simply interface with the existing grid to supplement and enhance supply. They can also be used as stand alone off-grid power sources (usually Supplied and maintained by SuperGreen Solutions solar or wind generation options).

Energy Storage Systems can Store energy during off-peak periods and use that power at peak times. SuperGreen Solutions DESS can potentially reduce power bills to NIL and even help you make money back from the Grid?

Energy Storage units Enhance Solar Power systems

Energy Storage units from SuperGreen Solutions have the ability to stabilize and smooth power from the Grid. As they Clean up Dirty power and power fluctuations, as well can accepting any renewable sources wind, solar and or hydro. Voltage and frequency fluctuations smoothed out to provide stable output and save costly repair bills to motors and electric devices.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

SuperGreen Solutions AR Certificate

Off Grid/Emergency

SuperGreen Solutions DESS Units can be used as a back-up power sources for critical power / emergency facilities as they remove the uncertainty caused by blackouts, brownouts and disasters providing reliable affordable and constant green back up power. All of which can me monitored and controlled by you through the simple power management tools.

Other Storage Battery Options

While Lithium Iron and Lithium Iron Phosphate and new Battery/ Energy Storage modes are being talked about and trialed right now. The Best Value for money right now can be found in AGM Batteries and possibly the Lithium Iron Batteries, depending on Lifestyle needs and power cycles required. Ask a SuperGreen Solutions expert for more info.


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