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Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heater

What makes the Apricus Solar Hot Water Heater a Good Buy?

Apricus solar hot water collector by SuperGreen Solutions utilizes the latest high quality, high performance evacuated tube technology to capture a greater amount of solar energy for more hours of the day. Our Apricus tubes have a vacuum between the two glass layers that works similarly to a thermos flask, allowing it to retain up to 95% of the solar energy the tubes capture. This means that even in colder climates and during the winter months, heat is retained and not lost back into the atmosphere at night or when it cools down. Our collectors are rated to handle frost down to -15°C without the use of glycol which will dramatically reduce maintenance of the system and costs.

The SuperGreen Solutions Apricus solar collectors and frames are manufactured in Apricus’s own manufacturing facility which is managed by a fellow Australian and Apricus global CEO – Mick Humphreys, who oversees all operations.

The facility is regularly audited by European, Australian and local authorities to ensure adherence with product standards, labour laws, safety regulations and environmental requirements to surpass Australian Standards (AS2712:2002), SRCC (USA) and Solarkeymark (EU) certifications. The factory is also certified to ISO9001:2008 management and production standards.


The evacuated tube solar collectors that our Super Green Solutions accredited technicians install onto a homes are the same collectors we use in all commercial installation using up to  100 collectors (besides a few small design changes to make collecting multiple collectors easier). Apricus solar collectors from Super Green Solutions can be used for much more than just heating water for baths, showers and kitchens. Apricus evacuated tubes are being used across the globe for so many applications we cannot list them all, but to give you an indication, You can use our collectors for:

  • Home solar hot water heating.
  • Residential or commercial pool heaters.
  • Hydronic heating including radiators, under-floor, space and more.
  • Pre-heating of commercial high temperature boilers.
  • Bottle warming in dairies (i.e. De-Bortoli Wines with a 100 x AP-30 installation).
  • We’ve have even had our tubes used for solar air-conditioning units.

Benefits of Evacuated Tube water hearers by Apricus

As Apricus owns and manages the manufacturing process, they are proud to offer an industry leading 15 year warranty on all Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water collectors installed in both Domestic and Commercial installations!

That means that there is 15 years on the mountings frame and 15 years on the evacuated tubes & heat pipes as well as 15 years on the manifold… Now that is a Super Green Solutions kind of piece of mind!

The Apricus pump station by Super Green Solutions moves water from the storage tank through the copper heat exchange located within the manifold. Bear in mind that at this point, there is no water running through the tubes, the heat pipe bulb is simply transferring the heat retained inside the tube into the cooler water running through the manifold.

As this process happens, the vapour inside the heat pipe condenses and turns back into liquid returning to the bottom of the heat pipe so the process can begin all over again.

To find out more or to talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists, visit one of our dedicated SuperGreen Solutions Showrooms today or simply call +61 7 4772 7655 or email us to schedule a free quote from your closest SuperGreen Solutions store.

Rheem Solar hot water Loline

Why buy Rheem Solar Hot water heater from Super Green Solutions

As you know Solar hot water collectors absorbs free energy from the sun and use this energy to heat water. By relying primarily on renewable energy sources, solar water heaters features much lower emissions than other forms of water heating devices, that rely on burning fossil fuels to create energy. This makes solar water heaters from Super Green Solutions an extremely good thing for our environment, and very economical to run.

Solar water haters by Rheem, from Super Green Solutions come in both roof and ground mounted forms to suit various applications with a choice of either electric or gas back-up boosters for days when the suns rays are not so strong or on mostly overcast days. There are even model special models suited to particularly cold areas, which means every family can enjoy the benefits a solar hot water heater by Rheem and Super Green Solutions can offer.


  • Wide range of Systems ranging in size from 160 – 410L
  • Powered mostly by the sunlight a limitless renewably energy sources
  • Optional Roof and ground mount models
  • Your Choice of electric or gas boosters
  • Makes a large impact to help Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Energy efficient

  • Uses up to 70% less energy than an electric water heater, saving you BIG money.

Reduces carbon emissions

  • Each Solar water heater by Super Green Solutions can save up to 3.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Minimise reliance on fossil fuel and protect yourself against future energy cost increases

  • Take advantage of Australia’s abundant supply of sunlight and reduce your reliance on expensive non-renewably resources such as gas and electricity.

All weather protection

  • A Rheem Loline series features a unique, drain-back heat exchange type of technology that prevents the solar system from freezing, or overheating during weather extremes.
  • 5 and 7 years warranty.

To find out more or to talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists, visit one of our dedicated SuperGreen Solutions Showrooms today or simply call +61 7 4772 7655 or email us to schedule a free quote from your closest SuperGreen Solutions store.

Rinnai Heat Pump water heaters

Heat Pump water heaters work just like an air conditioner, but in reverse, the SuperGreen Solutions, Rinnai HOTFLO Split Heat Pump transfers ambient heat found in the air outside the unit directly to the water stored inside the tank, offering very similar benefits to an electric boosted solar hot water system. These Heat Pumps are perfect for our climate and for situations where a roof-mounted solar system is not practical.

All SuperGreen Solutions approved Heat Pumps are so efficient that they only use approximately one third of the power that the equivalent standard electric hot water unit will use. As such these Rinnai water heaters should reduce your environmental impact, whilst also reducing your hot heating water costs by up to 35%.


Continuous gas flow

  • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing in Rinnai’s state of the art facility.
  • World leading High quality component engineered to last.
  • Quick connect junctions and systems for temperature controller & cables
  • Pure temperature stability technology to provide a perfectly stable outlet water temperature.
  • Class Leading 6 star efficiency across the range of 16 to 26 litre units

Heat pumps

  • Compares well with Home solar hot water units
  • Commercial grade stainless steel tank
  • Durable compact compressor, heat exchanger and control system
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Designed to be Manageable in two pieces for easy transport
  • For installation guidelines, please see downloads section

Rinnai Instantaneous Gas & Heat pump hot water and Rinnai Continuous gas flow water heater

Rinnai Continuous gas flow water heater

The Rinnai INFINITY Instant Gas hot water units by SuperGreen Solutions work by heating water as it passes through the unit. So you only use energy when you turn the tap on. This process makes the Rinnai INFINITY from SuperGreen Solutions an extremely energy efficient option, as it only heats water when required. In turn, it reduces your running costs, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Add to this, the optional convenience of water controllers, which will allow you to set your hot water to the perfect temperature.And when you combine a Rinnai INFINITY system with one of our SuperGreen Solutions advanced water controllers, you will have one of the most technically sophisticated hot water systems on the market.


Save Time Money and Green House Gas emissions with an Energy Efficient water heater from Super Green Solutions and Rinnai. Gone are the days when an old Electric Water heater will do. Why not deliver more hot water for your families needs at a lower cost benefiting yourself and the Environment with a Class leading efficient water heater from Rinnai and Super Green Solutions.

To find out more or to talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists, visit one of our dedicated SuperGreen Solutions Showrooms today or simply call +61 7 4772 7655 or email us to schedule a free quote from your closest SuperGreen Solutions store.

What is a Sun Flux Solar Hot water unit?

Simply Put, it’s a new way to heat water in your Hot water tank, from Solar PV panels. Rather than using 2 or 3 Solar Thermal Hot water Collectors.

Sun Flux is quicker to install, as No copper tubes or Plumbing up to the roof and back is required. Plus it saves money as it does not need a Plumbing Contractor. A secondary benefit is that, you can use your existing hot water tank, but now run it from the sun. Saving a bundle. Conventional Solar hot water units require Plumbing to the Solar Thermal collectors and a new Tank matched to the collectors.

The Sun Flux Hot Water Controllers from SuperGreen Solutions have been designed to work with standard electric hot water tanks, with a standard elements and thermostats. By using the latest cutting edge microprocessors and IGBT technology they are able to create a highly efficient modified DC output much like AC without the loss in efficiency.
It works independently from your Existing Solar Power system if you have one. ( If you don’t currently have a SuperGreen PV Solar system, we can Supply and install a PV solar system with the SuperGreen Sun Flux Water heating unit and match all the panels to look alike. )

A Sun Flux Hot Water Controller unit from SuperGreen Solutions is one of the most efficient ways of harnessing and storing solar energy with up to 96% peak efficiency Because you can store Solar energy in your Hot water Tank. Use it later and not use Utility power to do so.

To find out more or to talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists, visit one of our dedicated SuperGreen Solutions Showrooms today or simply call +61 7 4772 7655 or email us to schedule a free quote from your closest SuperGreen Solutions store.

And Yes! We can claim STC’ Rebates on the Solar Panels that power the Sun Flux units.


Sun Flux Hot Water Controller works with

  • All types of electric hot water tanks.
  • All types of PV solar panels.
  • All types of AC elements and thermostats


  • On Grid and Off grid water heating
  • Hybrid water heating
  • Preheat gas water heater.

Sun Flux II Diagram

Required Installation components

  • A Standard 80 to 400litres electric hot water tank.
  • From 3 to 5 PV Solar panels in series.
  • One 16amp DC circuit breaker.
  • Standard 2400 or 3600watt 240volt AC element & thermostat.


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