What Is Solar Power?

IMG_3620Solar power is a green, quiet and clean energy alternative, which generates electricity by utilizing the power from the sun, these PV systems convert this power into a usable energy source. Solar Power reduces your carbon footprint by preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, allowing you and the world to be one step closer in saving the environment.

How does PV solar Work?

The sun hits your solar panels, the solar panels then convert the particles of sunlight (photons) into electrons of direct current electricity. Once this power is converted, the electrons begin to flow from the solar panel and into the inverter which is then ready be used in your home.

supergreen-solutions-townsville-solar-powerThe electricity generated by solar panels is direct current (DC) energy, most homes and businesses however, are connected to the electricity grid which uses alternating current electricity, this means grid-connected solar systems need to transform the DC electricity into AC electricity, we do this by using an inverter. Homes and business with solar PV systems utilize solar power before acquiring electricity from the grid, thus saving you money as you are not purchasing electricity, therefore you don’t pay electricity bills. Your system may also send  the surplus power back to grid and draw power if and when needed.

Where does surplus power go?

Power that is not utilized in your home is fed back into the grid, which means it is very possible for you to make money. How you may ask? By selling the power back to your local utility company. Instead of paying energy bills, you get paid for the energy your solar system made. Call your local SuperGreen expert at AllSafe and SuperGreen Solutions, to learn how you too, can become a net positive client.




SuperGreen Solutions only use licensed and insured contractors for all installations. We work with contractors we know and trust.

Solar Systems & Your Home

Solar Power systems a great financial investment which can drastically reduce your electricity bills. These systems will also add value to your home or business as they are an attractive asset for prospective buyers.

Rebates & Incentives

Call AllSafe and SuperGreen Solutions today for information on the current rebates and government incentives. You don’t want to miss out, these rebates and incentives can save you thousands! (07) 4772 7655 or email sales@supergreensolutions.com.au

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