As with the Tesla Powerwall 1 and Powerwall 2 has done to the home energy storage market. The Tesla Powerpack from SuperGreen Solutions has ushered in a new standard for commercial-scale battery storage solutions. The new Tesla Powerpack 2 builds on this success with more than double the storage capacity and other enhancements.

Expandable, Scalable and Flexible Solutions.

A Tesla Powerpack from SuperGreen Solutions is a future proof, flexible commercial energy storage solution, as the Powerpack battery system can be up sized and up scaled or adapted to suit a wide variety of installation scenarios; from 100kWh to 100MWh+ configurations in 250kWh increments. In essence, the Powerpack is comprised of 16 x Individual Battery Pods, with their own built in heating and or cooling systems, borrowed from the Tesla Model S car. This Compact Powerpack is designed to power businesses rather than homes. i.e. the Powerwall.

Tesla Powerpack

SuperGreen Solutions and the Tesla Powerpack. Trusted products, trusted names, solid solutions.

SuperGreen Solutions founders have been leaders in the Green energy space for over 17 years. Being one of Australia’s leading installers of Tesla battery storage products (Check out the largest Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation in Australia, at Harris Crossing in Townsville. Supplied and installed by SuperGreen Solutions). Projects such as Harris Crossing inspire confidence as does our links to over 40 SuperGreen Solutions locations in 9 countries.

The SuperGreen Solutions network our global buying power ensures competitive pricing, yet our local stores enable us to retain the local know how, to look after you and your needs. Our hand-picked, trained and ‘on the job experienced’ Tesla Certified Installers, ensure that your deployment runs smoothly.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits your business could reap from Tesla Powerpack 2 or commercial energy storage generally, contact the SuperGreen Solutions commercial energy storage system experts at 07 4772 7655 today.

With around 900 MWh of Tesla batteries having been supplied and installed globally. (With SuperGreen Solutions already accounting for over 850 KWH of installed Tesla Powerwall’s.)

A Tesla Powerpack 2 battery solution from SuperGreen Solutions combines the latest in lithium-ion batteries, world leading electronics and cutting edge thermal management systems. Combine that with Tesla design team engineered control protocols to form a long lasting and world leading and cost-cutting and energy efficient turnkey solution. This Powerpack enables businesses to generate, store, manage and take more control of their energy costs, thus making the most of their solar power system installations.

Powerpack 2 from SuperGreen Solutions is the sum of and culmination of more than 10 years of Tesla’s experience in producing integrated battery systems.
A Tesla Powerpack energy storage solution comes from testing, of our standard with a high volume delivery, robust and reliable architecture; tested over the 1.6 billion kilometres driven in the highly-acclaimed Tesla Model S.
A dual coolant and refrigerant loop system, superior to air-cooling, and sturdy housing ensures maximum performance and durability in Australia’s often harsh conditions.

Powerpack Tesla Commercial Battery

Tesla Powerpack Battery System Benefits

Tesla Powerpack offers a wide array of cost saving benefits to businesses, including:

  • Load Shifting: Shifting of electricity consumption for time-of-use and avoid high electricity prices.
  • Demand Response: Boost power needs for your business needs, when you need it most.
  • Maximise Solar Returns: Make the most of your PV rooftop solar power generation and minimise solar electricity exports back to the grid.
  • Micro-grid: As part of a micro-grid, Tesla Powerpack 2 can boost your energy independence.
  • Electricity Market Participation: Provide services to utilities as these opportunities develop. (i.e. Reposit )
  • Slash Demand Charges: Peak demand charges can form significant portion of a business’s electricity bill. With a Powerpack from SuperGreen Solutions you can significantly shave peak loads thus save even more.
  • Emergency Backup: Need power in a Cyclone, enjoy Backup power capabilities during power interruptions.
  • Defer infrastructure upgrades: Reduce, defer or eliminate costs to upgrading to other costly energy supply system and or increasing power infrastructure.

The all new Tesla Powerpack 2 has a few Enhancements.

  • To Quote Tesla, “The Tesla inverter paired with the Powerpack 2 allows storage to be available to the utility industry at price points and with functionality previously unknown.”
  • Over Twice the energy density of the original Tesla Powerpack.
  • Seamless grid integration.
  • The New integrated inverter, designed and manufactured by Tesla, with the highest efficiency and power density utility-scale inverter on the market.
  • The new Powerpack has Enhanced software controls and system interface.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits your business could reap from Tesla Powerpack 2 or commercial energy storage generally, contact the SuperGreen Solutions commercial energy storage system experts on 07 4772 7655 today.

The new Tesla Powerpack 2 Specifications.

Energy Capacity 210 kWh (AC) per Powerpack
Peak Power 50 kW
Powerpack Enclosure IP35 – outdoor rated
Dimensions Powerpack
Length: 1,308 mm
Width: 822 mm
Height: 2,185 mm
Weight: 1622 kg
Industrial Inverter
Length: 1,014 mm
Width: 1254 mm
Height: 2192 mm
Weight: 1200 kg
Site Master Controller
Length 229 mm
Width: 453 mm
Height: 499 mm
Weight: 14 kg
Operating Temperature Range -30C to 50C
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Communications Protocols Modbus TCP, DNP3
Certification Tesla Powerpack is compliant with relevant Australian safety and electrical standards

* Net Energy delivered at 25°C ambient temperature including thermal control