Insulation does a great job of slowing the transfer of heat between the roof space and the living areas in your home. But on hot days, heat can still build up over time. Considering the heat inside your roof can reach 70ºC / 167F you can understand the tough job that insulation has to do. When you add a few quality roof ventilators your reduce the roof space heat build up by expelling hot air, which enables it to be replaced with cooler air from outside. This makes your insulation work far more effectively. It also removes unwanted moisture odors and mold, and potentially mildew from building up in your roof pace.

Our aluminum wind driven roof ventilator combines classic design with high tech features for guaranteed long lasting performance. Wind driven turbine ventilators are designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home. Constructed from is from a rust proof light-weight aluminum in a timeless classic design.


  • Removal of heat trapped in the roof cavity of a home in summer
  • Removal of moisture trapped in the roof cavity

Features and Benefits

  • Exhausts hot trapped air in summer
  • Removes moisture build up in winter
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Suitable for most roof types
  • Replaceable bearings

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