Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating

When one directly compares conventional hot water heaters against the  initial purchase price of your Solar Heating System it may seem high, not to worry, by harnessing and utilizing the sun’s energy, Solar Water Heating is cost effective, green, clean and sustainable and can reduce the cost to produce hot water by as much as 90%. By purchasing a solar hot water system you greatly reduce your energy consumption, thus reducing your electricity bill which will save you money over a period of time, and continue to do so.

For your convenience, Solar Water Heating Systems include a conventional water heater as well these are only used as a backup for those times when there is not enough solar energy to ensure steady supply of hot water.

Instantaneous – Tankless – On Demand Water Heaters

With a conventional water heating system, heat elements are used to keep a large volume of water hot continuously, therefore a lot of energy is wasted, by simply keeping the large tank of water hot.

In an Instantaneous, On Demand or Tankless Water Heater,  hot water is produced only as it needed. When hot water is required, the water is circulated through large coils which are heated by gas heating elements. Since water is only heated a moment before it is consumed, Tankless Water Heating Systems are significantly more efficient than any conventional water heating system and can provide a endless supply of hot water.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

A heat pump extracts the energy from the surrounding air to heat a well insulated tank of water. A bi product of the extraction is cool dry air, which helps to condition the room in which the system is placed.

Heat Pump  Water Heaters are easy to install as they have nearly the same footprint and connections as conventional water heating systems. Heat Pump Water Systems are cost effective, clean, safe and simple to install and will provide you and your home with years of efficient water heating.

Energy Efficient Solar, Instantaneous and Heatpump Water Heaters from SuperGreen Solutions will provide years of low cost and worry free water heating for your family or business. Call now to receive your personal energy assessment. Energy savings is just a phone call away.

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We also offer great government incentives for installing solar hot water.

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