Clean. Simple. Smart.

IMG_1541Whenever conditions are suitable, wind turbines have the power to create clean, renewable energy. Wind products are the ultimate clean “GREEN” energy source. They are affordable and ultra quiet and can be adapted for rural, urban and suburban environments.

Wind Turbines are great for all environments as they harness the energy from the wind to generate their power. In cyclonic or high wind zones many models can be lowered before named storms.

A wide range of turbines are available with small units for marine and recreation environments to larger residential and commercial units that can deliver 1 Kw, 4Kw, 9Kw or larger industrial units on request.


Features and Benefits

  • Harmless to birds and wildlife
  • Extremely slow startup speed
  • Esthetically pleasing
  • Low height (suitable for domestic / suburban environments)
  • Can be lowered for extreme wind and hurricanes
  • produce no green house gas emissions
  • no fossil fuels used

Watco-Pv-5For more information on a large range of vertical axis or horizontal axis turbines please call SuperGreen Solutions for an up to date list of models, prices and specification sheets. (07) 4772 7655 or email us at