SuperGreen AUS goes Off Grid – Energy Storage

Residential Solar

SuperGreen Solutions goes totally green, with Solar Power, LED’s and energy storage.

Renesola & SMA
Going Green = a Red Tick
Store your Solar Energy.

SuperGreen Townsville Office will be totally Off Grid shortly.
Lighting is provided by Solatube​ Skylights or Fuzion Lighting LEDS.
7000W of ReneSola​ PV panels Running two meters Via a 2KW SMA & a 5KW ReneSola Hybrid Inverter.
When our batteries arrive, surplus power created during the day will be stored in our Energy Storage unit to run the building at night, making SuperGreen a net exporter or power to the Grid yet “never” requiring power from the Grid.
Call SuperGreen Solutions if you would like to learn how you to can take your home or business ‘Off – Grid’ & enjoy zero Carbon & Zero Bills.


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