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Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall 2

SuperGreen Solutions has supplied and installed over 79 Tesla Powerwalls and solar power systems into the Prestigious Harris Crossing development in Townsville.

SuperGreen Solutions has been working with the Maidment Group, Tesla, Harris Crossing, Ergon Energy and the Townsville City Council for several years to bring this ‘Tesla Town to life’. SuperGreen Solutions helped deliver The Maidment Groups Vision with the Harris Crossing development, to create the largest sustainable housing development of its kind in Australia.

This development has the highest concentration of Tesla Powerwall installations in one housing Estate in the Southern Hemisphere.

People are now becoming more aware of the importance of having green energy storage. This is seen with more and more homeowners and businesses choosing to go off the grid. The use of SuperGreen Solutions PV Solar Panels or the use of green power from the SuperGreen Solutions wind Turbines displays good financial sense and deep concern for the environment.

SuperGreen Solutions is here to help you reach your goals of defecting from the dirty power grid. With a host of energy saving, energy producing and energy storing products we are well equipped to design and install your very own power station for you. We can set up PV Solar Panels that produce solar energy during the day, enable you to store it as back-up power and use it during peak hours when prices spike, at night or during black outs. If you so choose, you can also sell overflow power back to the grid for rebates.

The price for using dirty power from the electric grid fluctuates as much as the power itself. So-called peak demand hours are priced as much as 3 or 4 times the normal rate for power during off peak periods. These fluctuations in pricing add up in the long run. Save up to a couple thousand per year on your electric bills by using our SuperGreen Solutions Energy Storage systems. Not only are you helping yourself out but you are also helping save the world. By transforming your home or business from using dirty power to green, solar power, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint. With an efficient solar power station of your own, you may very well refuse to sell the power you produce to the grid since they’ll buy it for cheap and sell it at highly inflated prices during peak hours. At SuperGreen Solutions, you have your choice of the leading brands and products that produce energy storage units. We offer a wide range of choices form Leading suppliers such as Solax, Tesla, BYD, Sonnen, LG, RedEarth and Alpha Storion to name a few.

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SuperGreen Solutions Premium Tesla Energy Powerwall Package

We at SuperGreen Solutions strive to provide our clients with the leading, premium technology and services for generating and producing solar energy that you can use during peak hours and at night.

The power stations that we install combine the latest technologies in solar panel and inverters with storage units that incorporate the Tesla Powerwall battery.

Let us design and install your Super green PowerStation today.

If you’re already an existing client or if you already have a PV solar power system, you can still avail of this tech upgrade. The new Tesla Powerwall Home battery is designed to complement all current PV solar panels. The Powerwall will save you tons since instead of exporting excess power, it will just store it ready for your use.

Avail of our retrofitting package today and see your bills, dwindle to nil as it makes your PV system even more efficient than it already is.

If your current solar power station exports more than 6kWh each day, then the SuperGreen Solutions Tesla Powerwall is perfect for you.

Contact us at SuperGreen Solutions today for more information on Using Green Solar Power and our Energy Efficient Green Loans to make that big leap to producing your own energy that saves you money.

Energy Storage – Tesla Energy Powerwall Retrofit Packages

SGS Tesla The energy Storage retrofit package that we offer here at SuperGreen Solutions is designed to be compatible with the existing PV solar power system that you may have at home or at your business. With the addition of the Tesla Powerwall, excess energy that would have usually been exported to the dirty Powergrid will be saved, ready for your own use. This means that your solar power station is made that much more efficient as there is no wastage of produced electricity. With this system in place, you are able to use every bit of energy you produce during the day for free instead of possibly having to buy it back from the dirty grid after they sell it at a significantly higher price

Is the Tesla Powerwall for You?

It’s easy to assess if the Tesla Powerwall home battery is for you. If you are exporting more than 6kWh on a typical day, then you need to make that call and have us provide you with a retrofit package today.

Energy Storage and Improving Power Management

For efficient power management, let us provide you with the SuperGreen Solutions Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESS). These are perfect for both home and business use since they can be easily scaled according to the needs of the client. The capacities of these DESS units range from somewhere as low as 3KW to somewhere as high as 1 Megawatt. For residential clients, the storage units will be the size of a bar fridge but with larger capacity clients like big businesses, it may be as large as a 40 foot container. No matter the size of your DESS, you’re still going to be able to easily manage your system with the use of your smart phone or the internet. The DESS can be used to supplement power supply that you’re getting from the dirty grid or it can replace it entirely and become your main source of green energy. For the latter option, this is maintained by us at SuperGreen Solutions with solar or wind generated power.

By using the SuperGreen Solutions DESS you can significantly reduce power usage by saving power when electricity is cheap and using it during peak hours when electricity becomes expensive.

Enhancing and Improving Solar Power Systems with Energy Storage Units

Power delivered from the dirty grid tend to be unstable. By using SuperGreen Solutions Energy Storage, this unstable power will be smoothed and stabilized. Mitigating the voltage and frequency fluctuations common to dirty grid power will minimize damage done to electric appliances that are plugged in. As a battery, it is also able to save energy from solar power stations already in place or other green sources of energy like hydro or wind power stations.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Powerwall 2 Brochure

For more information on the Powerwall 2, click here to view their current brochure.

Completely Off Grid and Emergency Situations

The DESS from SuperGreen Solutions can serve as a back-up source of power during times of black outs. These are also valuable for facilities that require a continuous reliable source of power such as hospitals or other such facilities in times of emergencies since they are not subject to power outages caused by disasters. This affordable and highly dependable source of green power is easily managed via its online interface.

Other Storage Battery Options

Different power needs require different types of batteries. The most dependable batteries to come out are the Lithium Iron, Lithium Iron Phosphate and AGM batteries. Consult our friendly SuperGreen Solutions experts today for more information on which type of batteries will fit your needs.


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