What You Need to Know about EV Charge Stations


An EV or Electric Vehicle Charge Station is where electric vehicles recharge their batteries. They cater to both plug in hybrids and pure electric vehicles. They come in two types of power output currents: 240 volt AC and 500 volt DC

EV Station 2 Types

Charging an EV comes in two types:

  1. Slow Charge – This is also called Level 2 Charge. The power output is a comparatively low 240 volt AC which results in longer recharge times. These types of chargers are typically installed at the homes of hybrid or EV owners.
  2. Fast Charge – This is also called Level 1 Charge. The power output is a high 500 volt DC which results in shorter recharge times. These types of chargers are typically run as a commercial charging station. A full charge may be done in about 30 minutes.

The EV Charge Station can be hooked directly to the dirty grid or if you are more eco-friendly, you may choose to connect it to a PV solar panel station or you may go for a hybrid of power sources, if the solar power station is not enough.

Safety with Charge Stations

Naturally, there are safety features that are designed into the charge stations. Two sensors determine when the battery is already full and will turn the power off. Circuit breakers will also trip and cut the power when there is a short or overload, preventing further damage to the car or charge station while also preventing damage to the home or injury to people in the vicinity.

Chart of Charge Times

Charging time Power supply Voltage Max current
6–8 hours Single phase – 3,3 kW 230 VAC 16 A
2–3 hours Three phase – 10 kW 400 VAC 16 A
3–4 hours Single phase – 7 kW 230 VAC 32 A
1–2 hours Three phase – 24 kW 400 VAC 32 A
20–30 minutes Three phase – 43 kW 400 VAC 63 A
20–30 minutes Direct current – 50 kW 400 – 500 VDC 100 – 125 A

The world will soon see more and more charge stations getting put up in response to the increasing popularity of the electric vehicles and hybrids. Malls, parking areas, schools, restaurants and government owned buildings will soon possibly have them to keep up with the demand.

Getting a good electric vehicle is a good financial move as well as an eco-friendly decision that allows you to mitigate your carbon footprint. Since you are no longer contributing to CO2 emissions with fossil fuel based engines.

For businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to set up and manage a charge station, contact us at SuperGreen Solutions today. We will be glad to provide you with all the information, technology and guidance to set up and run an EV charge station.

The GeniePoint Platform

The GeniePoint Platform from E Station’s Charge Star has received a remarkable update with a ton of great features.
The new features allow better administrative controls as well as improve driver convenience.
A new user-friendly interface and platform makes it possible for the admin and drivers to access the service through all smart mobile devices and desktops.

Custom SMS alerts are now automatically sent to drivers whenever they interact with the station. Stopping an ongoing charge can now even be stopped via text.

Charge Station Live Access and Mapping now enable drivers and the admin to see availability of all chargers connected to the network in real time. With their ChargeStar account, E Station Drivers can now initiate and end charging remotely.

The RFID Card Registration Option is now in place. Drivers can now present their old RFID cards for registration or choose to secure a new card.

New Payment Options are now available. Drivers now have the option for pre-paid and post paid plans. Drivers who choose pre-paid can further choose between enabling or disabling automatic top-up features.


Why Customers Love E Station

  • It’s made by Circontrol, the most successful manufacturer of charge stations in Europe.
  • They’ve been around since 2009, a veteran in the field.
  • A charge station can be set up for as low as $956.
  • Drivers can charge significantly faster at charge stations than they can at home.
  • The stations can be networked through ethernet connection or with the use of a 3g sim card.
  • Stations can implement swipe card authorization for added security.
  • Each station comes with a warranty for full replacement that spans two years.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in setting up charge stations may utilize the company’s equipment financing deals.
  • Payment from drivers can be managed through an easily managed software designed for easy payment collection.