Bulk insulation

Reasons for purchasing Insulation from SuperGreen Solutions

At 50% to about 70% of the total electric bill, managing the indoor climate of your home is what actually comprises a majority of you power consumption bills. To bring these costs down, you need to have adequate home insulation. With effective home insulation, thermal control for your home will be a breeze. Your system won’t need to waste precious energy just so your home will feel cool indoors during hot summer days.

The Advantages of Having Effective Home Insulation

  • Money is saved from preventing waste of energy.
  • Indoor climate control is made much easier.
  • Your home keeps cool during summer and warm during winter

How much a home saves on energy consumption is still dependent on a lot of interplaying factors. These factors include things such as the energy usage behavior of the residents and the overall design of the house or building, including the materials it is built with. The local climate is also a big influencing factor.

You’ll earn back the amount you paid for when getting insulation with big savings in power usage expenses. This is because, with effective insulation, your home is going to require less energy to maintain ideal indoor temperatures. This will cut your bills significantly.

There are a lot of various types of insulation available for different purposes. Learn more about these different types from our expert consultants in energy efficiency today by visiting our showroom located at 161 Ingham Road, West End, Townsville, 4810. You can also call us up at (07) 4772 7665. You can also reach us via email at sales@supergreensolutions.com.au.

Thermal Insulation from SuperGreen Solutions

Preventing loss of heat and unwanted heat transfer is the main purpose of the thermal insulation. This type of insulation is achieved by a variety of materials that can be used in bulk. Consult with our energy efficiency experts to learn which material is best for your home. As we supply and install Polyester, Glasswool, Rockwool, Bubble cell, And Foam Foil faced insulation products. Versions include Batts, Blanket, Party Wall batts, Anticon, Vapourcheck and wall wraps.

Acoustic Insulation from SuperGreen Solutions

Sound travels through walls that have not be soundproofed. If you happen to have very a noisy environment that you can’t control in some way or the other, then it’s best to have effective insulation installed in your home. With these installed, you’ll diminish the loudness of the noise you hear from the outside, turning the ambience of your home into that of peace and quiet.

Putting in acoustic batts will make your home a lot quieter since these will act to dampen and muffle sound that may cause you some disturbance. This effect results in less noise transfer by as much as 75%. That’s a significant difference in noise levels. Never be disturbed with outside noise ever again by having acoustic insulation installed today.

Call our experts in energy efficiency today for more information on the options we offer on acoustic insulation. We have a variety of products and materials available that we can use to suit your specific needs. We’ll put them in walls and in floors to get the best results. They come with different R-values. If you’re particular with good performance, then you can check out materials that have values of R.20 to R 4.0.


For the most efficient air distribution systems for your home, get SuperGreen Solutions to install your ductwork. The ducts are also designed to be pre-insulated to help with indoor climate control better.

An efficient ductwork system will effectively minimize the amount of air leakage from your home. This makes it more energy efficient, which ultimately translates to more savings on power consumption.

SuperGreen Solutions offers the lightest Kingspan KoolDuct Systems. They are only about a fraction of the weight of most conventional ductwork systems. Being very light makes them much easier to install with less structure for support.

Advantages of Using the Kingspan KoolDuct System

  • They have a high R value model that has an R value of 2.0
  • It’s very thin at 42 mm
  • Air leakage reduction is expected to reach 79%
  • very strong but still very lightweight
  • Installation is easy
  • Is up to code according to the NCC or National Construction Code, BCC or Building Code of Australia and fire standards

Piping Insulation

Waste pipes can become very loud when they’re in use. The water or sewage that passes through them can come from the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. When the noise is not mitigated, it becomes something that’s very annoying or even uncomfortable to hear. Use the SuperGreen Solutions pipe lagging services to your advantage and conceal that noise effectively. When it comes to pipe lagging, there are different choices available. Talk to our experts and find the best option for your home.

You can visit our dedicated showroom located at 161 Ingham Road, West End, Townsville, 4810 to see all of our products up close. There you can talk to our energy efficiency experts face to face. You can also talk to them on the phone by calling (07) 4772 7655. If you prefer to write, you can send an email to sales@supergreensolutions.com.au.