Solar Hot Water Products

Rheem Loline Solar How Water Heating

The solar hot water collector absorbs energy from the sun and uses this to heat water. By using green sources of power, solar water heaters produce less emissions that contribute to the global warming phenomenon. The Rheem Loline Solar Hot Water Heaters from SuperGreen Solutions are great for those who want to save on their power consumption as well as save the world we live in.

The Rheem Loline series of solar water heaters can either be mounted on the roof or on the ground. The preference will depend on the availability of space. They also come with either an electric or gas-powered back-up systems for when the sun is not shining so bright. There are also models that have been specially designed to fare well in even the harshest temperature extremes.


  • 160 – 410 L tank capacities
  • Can be mounted on the roof or on the ground
  • Powered mainly by solar energy
  • gas or electric back-up source of power
  • reduces green house emissions


Excellent Energy Efficiency

  • Uses only a third of the electricity that would normally power a typical electric water heater

Reduction in CO2 Emissions

  • A year’s use of the solar water heater will prevent 3.3 tonnes of green house gases from being released into the environment

Independence from Fossil Fuels

  • Uses solar energy, an abundant green form of energy in Australia.

High Durability in All Weather Conditions

  • Each Rheem Loline Solar Water Heater from SuperGreen Solutions a 5 or 7 year warranty
  • The system will not overheat nor freeze in temperature extremes because of its drain-back heat exchange technology.

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Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heater

What makes the Apricus Solar Hot Water Heater a Good Buy

The Apricus Solar Hot Water Collector is designed to use high quality evacuated vacuum tube technology that maximizes absorption of the sun’s solar energy. The vacuum within the two layers of glass allows the solar water heater to retain about 95% of the energy absorbed. It works much like how a Thermos would. This means that the heat is trapped inside and is not lost to the outside, even when the temperatures drop to -15°C.

SuperGreen Solutions has partnered up with Apricus to offer this Australian made wonder. Their factory is managed by Apricus Global CEO – Mick Humphreys.

This manufacturing facility is inspected by European and Australian standards bodies to ensure that they adhere to safety regulations, product standards and strict environmental requirements. The factory currently surpasses the Australian Standards (AS2712:2002), the US Standards (SRCC) and the European Standards (Solarkeymark). It’s also ISO9001:2008 certified.


The evacuated tube collectors that gets installed into residential clients’ homes are the same with the those installed in commercial buildings, except that in commercial buildings there may be about 100 collectors instead of just 1.

The Apricus evacuated tube water heater is perfect for

  • heating water for homes
  • heating pool water (residential or commercial)
  • hydronic heating that includes radiators and under floor space
  • preheating commercial boilers
  • bottle warming for use in dairies


The company offers a 15 year warranty on all units! Buying one means you don’t have to worry about replacement parts and materials if it ever breaks down within 15 years.

How it Works

The pump station moves the water in the tank through the manifold, allowing it to make contact with the copper heat exchange. The heat pipe bulb transfers heat from the tube into the water that runs through the manifold. The vapour that collects inside the heat pipe condenses and goes to the bottom of the pipe, ready to repeat the cycle all over again.

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Rinnai Instantaneous Gas & Heat Pump How Water Heater

Meet the Rinnai Continuous Gas Flow Water Heater

The Rinnai INFINITY Instant Gas Hot Water Heater only heats water when it is needed. This is because until the tap is turned on, water is not heated and no energy is used. The on demand basis of heating makes this water heater very energy efficient and green. This approach actually minimizes running costs.

If you prefer to have precise control over the temperature of the water you need, you can get yourself a SuperGreen Solutions water controller and you’re set with a highly technical yet effective water system setup.

Rinnai Heat Pump Water Heaters

The heat pump water heater can be likened to an air condition unit that is working in reverse. The heat pump uses the ambient heat surrounding it and directly transfers it to the water inside the tank, heating it. This type of water heater is great for areas with no real space for mounting the solar panels needed to power solar water heaters.

The efficiency of this water heater cuts electric costs for water heating by 66% that means you are only paying about a third of what you would normally pay with electric water heaters.


Continuous Gas Flow Models

  • Beautiful and efficient Japanese design
  • Built to last
  • Quick Connect Junctions
  • Water Temperature stability technology
  • 6 star efficiency in the 16 to 26 L category

Heat Pumps

  • Comparable heating and efficiency results with solar water heaters
  • High quality, commercial grade tank made of stainless steel
  • Durable compressors, heat exchangers and control systems
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty


The Rinnai water heaters are perfect for both commercial and residential clients. They have models for those who prefer solar power but other models are also available when the solar powered heaters are not compatible with the client’s place. All of them are very green. With any of the available water heaters from Rinnai, you’re going to experience a drastic drop in power consumption for water heating, not to mention prevent producing green house gases that escape into the atmosphere.

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Meet the Sun Flux Solar Hot Water Heater

Sun Flux

The Sun Flux Solar Water Heater is water heating technology that can be retrofitted to all brands of existing water heaters. The system requires about 5 PV solar panels, the latest microprocessors and IGBT tech, the Sun Flux system is able to produce DC output from the gathered solar energy to transform your existing water heater into either a dedicated solar water heater or a hybrid that still connects to the grid as back-up.

This device is highly efficient, being able to store and utilize up to 96% of the solar energy absorbed.

And, Yes! the Sun Flux system will entitle you to STC Rebates for using solar panels.

The Sun Flux How Water Controller is compatible with

  • All brands and types of existing hot water tanks
  • All brands and types of existing PV solar panels
  • All brands and types of existing thermostats and AC elements

Multiple Applications for the Sun Flux

  • Completely independent off grid heating of water
  • Hybrid heating of water with use of the grid for additional power source
  • Preheating of gas water heater units

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