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Solar power is energy that is produced by using free and abundant light energy from the sun. It’s the most ideal alternative form of energy to current more dirty means of producing power. This includes power plants that either burn fossil fuel or use radioactive power. To make full use of solar power, you need to have PV or photovoltaic solar panels/ solar cells put up. These solar panels convert the light photons from the sun’s rays into electricity by exciting the free electrons they contain. The electricity generated can then power homes directly in real time or be used later after being stored in batteries.

With the use of Solar Power, you are actually making a very big positive impact on the environment at large. By using this clean source of power, you are not contributing to the harmful green house effect. This makes your overall carbon footprint so much less.

How Do the Photovoltaic Solar Panels Actually Work?

The most important thing to consider when installing solar panels is the placement. They need to be in the direct path of the sunlight to be most effective. Solar power starts off as light in the form of the sun’s rays that reach earth. The photons in the light hit the PV solar panels and initiate the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect occurs when photons excite electrons, thereby transferring their energy to them. The end result is electricity.

The electricity generated is in the form of Direct Current (DC). Home appliances and even those in commercial settings won’t be able to use this type of power as is. This is why it is first run through an inverter that converts it into Alternating Current (AC) which is the readily usable form of electricity.

If you have a PV solar power station at home, your home will utilize the power it generates first and only when this is exhausted will it transfer to power from the dirty grid. Electricity from the power grid will be treated only as a back-up and because of this, your home or business will be mostly independent from the shackles of dirty grid power. This means that you are cutting down your entire electricity bill significantly, if not entirely. You can actually generate enough power to produce surplus power.

What to Do with Surplus Solar Power

If your solar power system is generating more than your home or business is consuming, you’ll naturally produce surplus solar power. What do you do with this solar power? Will it just dissipate into thin air?

After your usage and after fully charging your batteries, the solar power you produce will now be sent into the electric grid. Instead of the electric companies asking you for money for electricity consumed, they will now give you rebates for the electricity that your own solar system has generated and sent in. Essentially, you have become an electric company for the electric company.

Learn more about the benefits of producing surplus solar power and learn more information on how to become a net positive solar systems client by calling the experts at SuperGreen Solutions.

Installation of Your Photovoltaic Solar Power Station

If you’re interested in having the most reliable PV solar systems installed at your home or business, then call us today. We’ll have our licensed and insured contractors set the system up for you. Our contractors are selected by the company for merits in their competence, reliability and trust. We don’t intend to lower our standards and we trust our contractors to produce high quality results that meet or surpass our standards.

Solar Power Station at Home

Getting a solar power station installed at your home is a very smart financial and eco-friendly decision. You’ll simultaneously save the planet from harmful green house gases as well as yourself from very high electricity bills. By becoming a net positive solar systems client, you’ll cut your expenditure by 100% and even produce surplus energy you can send to the power grid. You’ll actually start earning instead of spending. Another effect that happens after you put up a solar power station is that your home becomes immediately more valuable and attractive to prospective buyers who now see your home as a green home that’s solar-powered.

Rebates and Incentives from Solar Power Stations

Call SuperGreen Solutions today at 4772 7655 or drop an email to for more information on how to get rebates from electric companies and government incentives for your solar power stations. Ask how you too can save thousands per year.

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