What’s an Atmospheric Water Machine (AWM) / Atmospheric Water Generator?

This is a machine that produces clean drinkable water out of the humidity in the air. The water it generates is safe to drink and is free from bacteria and impurities. It works in much the same process as a dehumidifier but with the added function of filtration.

How does the Atmospheric Water Machine work?

The process starts off by bringing ambient air into to the system where it makes contact with coils cooled by the refrigerant it contains. Dews from over the coils and are collected in a pan. This water is then passed through several levels of filtration that effectively remove bacteria and other contaminants to make it safe for consumption. When water is left for a day, it is once again passed through the filtration system to ensure that it remains fresh and safe to drink.

How much water is generate in a day?

The exact amount will depend on a number of factors, with the main one being the amount of humidity present in the air. Production rate is also dependent on how fast dew forms and on how fast water passes through the filters. There are many different sizes of Atmospheric Water Machines but the average amount produced is around 15 – 30 litres of clean, fresh water every single day – more than enough for most homes and small to medium sized offices.

Why get an Atmospheric Water Machine?

You should get an AWM because bottled water prices are getting ridiculous. Aside from the costs being high, the use of bottled water also contributes to pollution since tons of plastic bottles are thrown away every day.

To put things in perspective, you’ll pay around $5 to $10 for every delivery of the 19 litre jug and you’ll pay about $0.50 to a very rich $5.00 for every 3.7litres when you’re going for brand name bottled water.

These prices are crazy. Don’t let yourself be a victim of these terribly expensive prices and get an AWM today.

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