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The wind is all around. You can feel it every time you open the window or when you’re out on your yard. This makes the wind an ideal source of clean, renewable energy. It’s one of the cleanest sources of energy available to man. With the use of a wind turbine, you too can utilize the power of the wind to generate your own clean electricity. A wind turbine system is cheap to set up and it fits all types of landscape. Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or you’re in the rural areas, you can find a wind turbine fit for your needs.
Wind turbines are versatile and there are many models that are just perfect for all different types and sizes of space availability. If you live in a place prone to very high winds and even cyclones, then you can get models that can be lowered for its protection.
There are small wind turbines and large wind turbines available. The choice will depend on your energy requirements. For recreational places and marine environments, there are smaller units available. Larger units are available for installation at home or at commercial places. The power delivered ranges from 1Kw, 4KW to 9Kw. If you want a system that generate and delivers more power, then that is also available upon request.

Features and Benefits

  • The wind turbine is harmless to the environment, the birds and other animals.
  • The wind turbine is extremely sensitive and will start even with low winds.
  • The wind turbine has a beautiful design.
  • The wind turbine has a low height to make it more versatile.
  • There are wind turbine models that can be quickly lowered to protect them from storms and hurricanes.
  • The wind turbine emits no green house gases.
  • The wind turbine burns no fossil fuel.

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