Upgrade to Solar power battery storage.

Solar Installation

SuperGreen Solax Hybrid ready inverter

Ever wanted to Upgrade to SOLAR POWER & BATTERY STORAGE but did not know how to start or thought it was to expensive? Think Again! SuperGreen Solutions Australia has the options & answers. Install a Hybrid Ready Inverter & Solar Power system now. Then Upgrade the Inverter & add battery storage at any time down the track. Call for more info.

Start saving money. Start storing power. Start living off the Grid. These options are opened for you when you get into energy storage. The first step starts with a Hybrid inverter. Like this one form Solax. Then simply add the charge controller and battery bank that can be designed to suit your load requirements at any time down the track?


10 Units Only Special Offer :- 6KW PV Solar & 5 KW Hybrid Inverter installed for only $5959 Call today 4772 7655 for more info. Upgrade to Solar power battery storage Today and start saving power & money Day & Night.


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