A Perfect off grid Day is …. A perfect Day.

SuperGreen Solar

A Perfect off grid Day is a prefect Day!

A Perfect Day for some looks like this. i.e. They dont need grid power.

The best news we could get! Yesterday we received an Emailed called “A perfect Day” and a copy of a screenshot from that clients Appollo Hybrid Inverter. It clearly shows how the family have been able to use their Solar power all day & store surplus power in their Battery Energy Storage unit for use during the night. So its really Perfect Days and Perfect Nights.

Energy Storage at work.
Thanks for the great news Mr R.S. !!!!
If You would like to join many happy clients and have your own Perfect day, ( make that Perfect Days. ) just like these clients. If you would like to be able to run your home from the Solar, Batteries and the grid with one of our Hybrid Solar Power and Energy Storage. Just call us at SuperGreen Solutions so we can help you to have your own Perfect Day or Days.

Energy Storage from Super Green.


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