Thermal & Acoustic

Insulation Installation

Managing your home’s indoor climate can account for between 50-70% of your total monthly electricity bill. To bring these costs down, and keep your home comfortable all year round, adequate thermal insulation is essential.

SuperGreen Solutions has supplied and installed ceiling, wall, acoustic and thermal insulation products for commercial, residential and government clients for over 25 years. We can ensure the correct R-value or acoustic rating and comply with all ICANZ, BCA and manufacturer specifications.

The R-value measures the insulation batt's resistance to heat transfer - otherwise known as thermal resistance.

The higher the R value, the greater the insulating effect.

The R value is the most crucial factor in installing thermal insulation.

Installing thermal insulation, either in the walls or the roof cavity, aids in regulating the temperatures within.

Insulation helps trap warm air inside during the winter months and presents a barrier to warm air entering the structure during summer. This can reduce the dependency on expensive heating and cooling units.

While thermal insulation plays a key role, it is essential to consider other areas where heat transfer can occur - windows, skylights, door seals - and to have a plan to address these.

To better insulate your property against heat transfer, consider the use of blinds, curtains or shutters. Deciduous trees can also play a part in shading areas of the dwelling.

If a renovation occurs where the wall cavities are exposed, installing batts is the best way. These flexible panels can easily be fitted and nestled between the wall joists before resealing.

If you are not exposing the wall cavities, using our self-adhesive Autex insulation panels product may be possible as a thermal/acoustic barrier.

Energy Efficient

Wall & Roof Insulation

SuperGreen Solutions offer a complete selection of home insulation products – wall and ceiling insulation batts, acoustic insulation, piping and ductwork. All geared towards maximising your energy efficiency and your ongoing comfort.

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Ceiling insulation batts

Insulation plays a vital role in increasing comfort to your home. Stabilising internal temperatures helps reduce energy costs for heating and cooling which is good for the family budget and the environment.

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Our batts are made from up to 70% recycled glass and save hundreds of times more energy than is used to produce them.


By installing batt insulation  you can reduce heat transfer by up to 60%, and that means great savings on your energy bills, not to mention how comfortable you’ll be.


Reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling. Allow heaters and air conditioners to operate more efficiently, making them more reliable and extending their life.

Sound Advice

Soundproof your space

Sound travels through walls that have not be soundproofed. If you happen to have very a noisy environment that you can’t control, we recommend effective acoustic insulation be installed in your home or workplace.

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With soundproofing installed, you’ll diminish the loudness of the noise you hear from the outside, turning the ambience of your home into peace and quiet.


Kids learning a new musical instrument? Adhesive wall tiles dampen and muffle the interior sounds you don’t want to hear.


Depending on products selected, noise reduction tests conclude between 40 to 75% of reverberated noise can be reduced.

A Sound Idea

Piping & Ductwork Insulation

An efficient ductwork system will effectively minimize the amount of air leakage from your home.

Pipe insulation helps to minimise sound from waste pipes within the household.


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A fraction of the weight of most conventional ductwork systems, Koolduct systems are easier to install and require less structural support.


This makes it more energy efficient, ultimately translating to more savings on your power consumption.


Use the SuperGreen pipe lagging services to your advantage and conceal unwanted noises effectively.

Need an insulation installation expert?

If you’re a business or homeowner considering the addition of thermal or acoustic insulation to you home or workplace, consider SuperGreen Solutions first. We’re your local, one stop energy efficient product store.

Compare our products online or talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists at one of our dedicated showrooms today.

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Fletchers & Bradford

Batt Insulation

We supply and install polyester, glass wool, Rockwool, bubble cell, and foam foil faced insulation products.

Made for Australian conditions, these products are available in batts, blankets, party wall batts, Anticon, Vapourcheck and wall wrap versions.