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Power up with Energizer

Energizer® began innovating in 1896 with the creation of the world’s first dry cell battery. Since then, the Energizer brand has become synonymous with innovation and emerging technologies.

They offer a comprehensive range of green energy solutions – from cutting-edge solar panels and inverters, through to the high-performing PowerStack solar battery storage and EV chargers. All Energizer Solar products are designed to work seamlessly and cohesively together.

Their comprehensive app based monitoring system allows you to track your energy usage and production in real-time, giving you the power to make informed decisions about your household or business energy consumption.

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Where we really see value in the Energizer Solar ecosystem is their ability to provide an end to end solution - solar PV, batteries, inverters and EV chargers - all under one well respected umbrella.

Sean Cochrane

Founder & Managing Director

Solar Storage

Energizer Powerstack

Energizer PowerStack is a modular, scalable, and stackable battery solution designed for those seeking a way of storing and using clean, green energy to power their homes and small businesses.

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Solar day & night

An Energizer PowerStack can be used to store your captured solar power and continuously deliver it back to you during the night or a blackout.

Solar Panels

Energizer Beam Series

Energizer solar panels are sun-powered, weatherproof and are designed and tested to perform at their best, even in the harsh Australian conditions.

They offer exceptional performance in shaded and low-light conditions and their AI powered quality controls ensure only the best panels are used. They are durable and highly efficient, and offer warranties of up to 30 years.

Energizer Solar | Power Your Home and Lifestyle

Energizer® Solar provides safe and reliable energy solutions to power your home and lifestyle. Power your entire home or energize your adventures with clean energy from a brand you can trust.

EV Charging

Supercharge your savings

Smart charging your EV in the comfort of your own home. Bliss!

Energizer offer both single phase and three phase charging options, built around consistent standards. This ensures support for the widest range of manufactured electric vehicles. Their systems offer intelligent charging scheduling, meaning your car only charges during cheaper, off peak periods.

With the Energizer Smart Charge App monitoring your EV charger becomes a breeze. Check charging levels, change charging schedules, and upgrade remote charging software.

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