Sonnen Batterie

Intelligent storage

Meet the Sonnen Batterie

Sonnen is one of the global market leaders in intelligent solar energy storage, with more than 60,000 residential sonnenBatterie systems installed worldwide.

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent energy storage system that allows owners to use solar electricity day and night, enabling users to change how they manage and control their energy.

Much more than just a battery, the sonnenBatterie combines technically robust, high-quality hardware with cutting edge software intelligence through which Sonnen can deliver a range of value-added energy services to consumers.

Solar day and night

Sonnen COnnection & Protection

Taking control of your energy future has never been easier. SuperGreen Solutions offer a complete selection of residential and commmercial sonnen solar battery storage solutions.

Virtual Power Plant

Get more from your solar battery system

sonnenConnect is an innovative way sonnenBatterie owners can join a virtual power plant and receive a once off $100 sign up bonus plus daily rewards for storing clean energy.

By joining sonnenConnect you can rest assured knowing your battery is contributing to the clean energy transition and providing stability to the electrical grid.

Blackout Protection

Never worry about the lights going out

Electricity blackouts are now becoming more common in Australia. Outages are always unpredictable and often cause problems. With a sonnenProtect you are safe.

It can reliably supply your essential loads with the stored solar energy during these grid failures. Order a sonnenProtect with your sonnenBatterie or upgrade to include it later.

Charge your battery even when the grid is down

Solar power generation does not have to go to waste. When the grid goes down, and with sonnenProtect’s Black Start function, you can rest assured knowing that during the blackout the sonnenBatterie can restart itself after a full shut down, utilising the energy from the directly connected solar system.


This ensures you maintain a continuous backup energy supply, meaning you can use your essential appliances without interruption during times of extended blackouts**.

What protection can I expect?

A sonnenBatterie system, combined with  sonnenProtect and sonnen’s Black Start technology can power your home’s essential loads* such as your refrigerator, lights and Internet modem all day long** even if the grid goes down for a few days.


*Essential circuit wiring requires consultation with your SuperGreen Solutions installer and is unique to each home.


**The ability for the sonnenProtect to power essential loads is dictated by the battery capacity, SOC and availability of Solar PV production.

New Age Charm | Sonnen Customer Stories

See how a 1920's Queenslander home was brought back to the future with the help of the Smart Eco Queenslander Project and SonnenBatterie.

Join the family


The sonnenBatterie is designed to make the most of the solar energy you generate. If you need more energy, you can draw on the sonnenCommunity.

Plug into the sonnenCommunity with sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat combines with your solar system and sonnenBatterie to offer the complete energy package, giving members of the sonnenCommunity cost certainty for clean energy.

Fixed Price Energy Plans

4,000kWh Annual household usage allowances7,500kWh Annual household usage allowances10,000kWh Annual household usage allowances12,500kWh Annual household usage allowances
3kWp Min solar PV5kWp Min solar PV7.5kWp Min solar PV10kWp Min solar PV
4kWh Usable battery capacity8kWh Usable battery capacity10kWh Usable battery capacity12kWh Usable battery capacity
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