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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water collectors are a green solution to home water heating needs. These solar hot water heaters use free, green energy from the sun to heat water.

Using solar energy, these water heaters minimise your carbon footprint relative to other water heaters that rely on burning fossil fuels to generate heat, making them both economically sound and environmentally friendly.

Evacuated tube systems absorb solar energy and convert it to usable heat. These tubes are insulated against heat loss.

Cold water stored in a tank, located on the ground or on the roof is pumped through the sun heated collectors to produce hot water.

This hot water is then made available to use within the household.

You can reduce your water heating bills by up to 71% by changing to a heat pump or solar hot water system.

The Australian Government Renewable Energy Target Scheme also provides generous incentives to help you make the switch to green energy solutions.

These incentives can be used as an upfront discount, to further reduce the purchase price of your new system.

These technologies don't need to be thought of as one 'or' the other. In fact, they compliment each other very well in many situations.


The best fit for your house will come down to how you use your hot water. Consider, if you tend to use a lot of hot water at the end of the day (dishwashing systems, bathing) but want to have a warm shower in the morning, a solar system cannot heat your water overnight. Without a solar battery system in place you're left drawing expensive energy from the grid.


A heat pump, on the other hand, has a high thermal output while using less energy and the surrounding air to heat your water all day long.

Simple answer - yes they do. But not as often as you may think.

We recommend servicing your solar hot water heater once every 4-5 years to ensure the continued efficiency of the overall system. If you have hard or mineralised water, you may need to service it sooner.

Due to their design, evacuated tube solar hot water systems work very well in cold temperatures.

Even in negative temperatures these systems can continue to pump out water at 80°C.

Naturally environmentally friendly

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SuperGreen Solutions offer a complete selection of commercial and domestic hot water heaters and heat pumps, supporting both ground and roof based installations. Our specialists work hard to size your system to suit your household requirements and your budget.

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Heat Pumps


Air to water heat pumps extract renewable heat from the air, making heating your hot water more efficient, less costly and more environmentally friendly.

Because of this, these systems use less energy and have a higher thermal output than electric or gas water heaters.

Rheem’s hot water heat pumps are both energy efficient and can save on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 61%.


These units do not require solar collectors, thereby reducing the need for structural load on the roof, and can be used where roof collectors aren’t suitable.

They make an ideal replacement for electric water heaters, leveraging the same plumbing and electrical connections.


The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump hot water system claims average annual energy savings of up to 80%. Combine this with a 15 year warranty, an estimated payback period of 3 years, and you can enjoy massive long-term energy cost reductions for many years to come.


Custom designed for Australian conditions and with built-in frost control, Reclaim units have an average running cost of $360 per annum*, meaning you can be heating your hot water for as little as $1 per day.


Their systems are whisper quiet (average noise level: 37 dB) and up to 200% more environmentally friendly than systems that use standard refrigerants.


*individual results may vary

Stiebel Eltron are Germany’s market leader in heat pump hot water systems with over 40 years of experience, and have rapidly transformed into a household name synonymous with high-quality, well-engineered and energy-efficient products.


Their units harvest natural energy from the air to efficiently heat hot water and are proving to be one of the most efficient water pumps on the market, providing high energy cost savings and environmentally friendly hot water all year round.


Unlike solar systems, hot water heat pumps in Australia don’t rely on a steady supply of sunlight in order to operate – instead, they work at all times of the day or night and in all weather conditions.


Stiebel Eltron’s air sourced hot water pumps provide energy efficient hot water all year round due to its sophisticated design. Hot water energy use can be reducted by up to 70% compared to conventional hot water electric systems.


Their heat pumps are extremely versatile, they can be installed indoors and outdoors and also work well in lower temperatures.

Free hot water

Using the sun's warmth

Installing a solar hot water system will not only save you money, but also reduce your impact on the environment.

At SuperGreen, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality solutions, leading industry warranties and exceptional after sales service.

Evacuated tube solar collectors are fast becoming the preferred option for residential, business and commercial hot water in Australia, due to their high efficiency, lightweight and low maintenance construction.


Australian owned and operated, Apricus offer a 15 year warranty on their locally produced hot water systems.


Save up to 80% on your water heating bills while reducing your household carbon emissions.


Apricus systems also offer excellent cold weather performance with frost protection installed in every unit.

Rheem is Australia’s trusted name in hot water, having developed products for Australian conditions since 1939. Generations of Australian families have relied on Rheem products for decades.


Rheem products are energy efficient and can save up to 65% of water heating energy consumption, while their solar systems can save from 1.7 to 2.6 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.


The Rheem solar range includes both split, ground mounted systems and complete roof mounted models in a variety of capacities from 160 – 410 litres.