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Established in 2006, SolarEdge developed the DC-optimised inverter solution that changed the way power is harvested and managed in photovoltaic (PV) systems.

SolarEdge is a clean energy solutions company, improving the way solar energy is produced, consumed, and managed across a wide range of applications and industries. Their vision is to create a world powered by clean, sustainable energy.

Their suite of products covering end to end energy capture, storage and usage enable homeowners to grow their SolarEdge Home Hubs as energy needs evolve over time.

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Where we really see value in the SolarEdge ecosystem is their ability to provide an end to end solution - solar PV, batteries, inverters and EV chargers - all under one well respected umbrella.

Sean Cochrane

Founder & Managing Director

SolarEdge Home | Power Your Home and Lifestyle

SolarEdge Home is a smart energy ecosystem that lets you produce and manage energy. From award-winning inverters and batteries to EV chargers and smart energy devices, now you can produce more power, and use it in more places, than ever before.

Solar Inverters

SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter meets the biggest home energy demands in a single, next generation inverter platform with greater efficiency and flexibility.

It offers a platform that’s battery-ready, electric vehicle-ready, and future-ready with a single portal for system monitoring, management, and updates.

The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter uses power optimisation technology to improve the energy production of each individual solar panel. This means that even if one panel is shaded or experiencing a reduction in performance, the rest of the system can still operate at its maximum potential.

It comes with a built-in monitoring system that allows you to track your energy production and consumption in real-time. This data can help you identify ways to reduce your energy usage and save money on your monthly utility bills.

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SolarEdge – Home Hub Solar Inverter

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SolarEdge – Optimised Solar Panels

Battery Storage

SolarEdge Home Battery

The SolarEdge Home Battery is a modular, scalable battery solution designed for those seeking a way of storing and using clean, green energy to partially or fully power their homes and small businesses.
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Solar day & night

This advanced system allows you to store excess solar power for use when needed, day or night, and further reduce your electricity bills
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Solar Panels

SolarEdge Smart Panel

SolarEdge Smart Panels are integrated with Power Optimisers for maximum power generation. They allow each solar module to achieve peak performance thus improving the overall efficiency of the solar system.

Shading, soiling, aging and different tilts do not interfere with solar generation as with other systems. Protect your family and home with patented SolarEdge safety features, such as SafeDC (Trademark) and Sense Connect technology.

SolarEdge Smart Panels have a 25-year performance warranty and up to 25-year module warranty.

Home EV Charging

Supercharge your savings

Fuel up on sunshine and low-cost grid power while avoiding the pump.

• Easily connect to your SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter or simply plug-and-charge using a 240V outlet.
• Save by smart scheduling when your charging when rates are low.
• Charge faster with the Solar Boost Mode.
• Stop, start, and monitor charging via my SolarEdge app.

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