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SuperGreen Solutions of Townsville, your one-stop shop for energy efficient products. SuperGreen Solutions of Townsville is proud to offer the latest line of energy efficient products that reduces our demand on energy, and increase our comfort and health. Our unique, holistic approach to save energy offers an individualized plan that fits almost everyone’s budget.

IMG_4931Saving energy will improve our environment, our health, and keep money in our pockets. Come visit our NEW show room in Townsville, QLD to see all the latest in energy efficient products. Alternatively, you can call us on 4772 7655, we would love to speak with you.

SuperGreen Solutions leads the market as one of the world’s premier advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions.

We truly are a ‘one stop energy efficient solution shop’. Having been in the Energy Efficiency industry for over 19 years the founders have established a solid reputation spanning 3 continents. We are different because we look at energy creation and energy saving from a “holistic” point of view, to provide our clients with total solutions.
Our philosophy of “reduce before we produce” enables us to reduce consumption and CO2 Emissions and increase efficiency and savings through our ability to bundle several products and solutions.

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