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The Tesla Powerwall is a solar battery storage unit designed for homes and businesses to store captured solar energy. The energy can be used day or night when the sun isn’t shining.

Easily integrated into existing solar panel systems, the Tesla Powerwall can charge from the grid when energy prices are lowest, providing you with continuous power and lower power bills.

And with the new Time-Based Control* discharging functionality, Powerwalls can predict and optimise your energy use, releasing excess power into the grid when prices are high, creating an additional income stream that can help offset installation costs.

*Time-Based Controls are available for owners connected to a Time of Use (ToU) energy plan.

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As a Tesla Premium Dealer, we've installed hundreds of Tesla Powerwall units, delivering gigawatts of power into Townsville homes and businesses, and were awarded the Tesla Customer Service Excellence Award in 2019.

Sean Cochrane

Founder & Managing Director

In simple terms, sunlight is captured by your solar panels (PV) and converted into energy that can be used to power your home or business. As this energy flows into your house, appliances make use of the power, with any excess energy stored in the Powerwall. Once the Powerwall is fully charged, additional solar energy your system generates is sold back to the grid.


When the sun goes down, or during a blackout, your Powerwall will provide energy to power your home or business.


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With the cost of grid-supplied energy increasing and the cost of solar PV systems and battery storage dropping, it makes a great deal of sense to investigate storing cheap, green energy from the sun.

It is important to understand that solar battery storage isn't an excellent fit for everyone. Those who do not own their premise or those with poor solar exposure may find it challenging to justify the costs.

That's where it helps to have a team of specialists who can evaluate your circumstance, consider your current usage and cost of power, and your potential for solar capture.


We prepare and work through different simulations with you, outlining the initial cost of installation and the ongoing savings you can make and any benefits or subsidies you may be eligible for. We aim to provide you with a clear path to saving on your power bills and embracing a green future.

While acknowledging that all installations are different, a practical, indicative figure for installing a single Powerwall unit in a residential home is $12,000 - $14,000.

This includes the Powerwall unit, delivery, wiring, configuration, testing and certification of the highest quality.

SuperGreen Solutions also offer exception bundle pricing when pairing Powerwalls with a new solar panel system.

Close up profile image of Sean Cochrane, founder of SuperGreen Solutions

To date, we have installed hundreds of Tesla Powerwall units, delivering gigawats of power into Townsville homes and businesses, and were awarded the Tesla Customer Service Excellence Award in 2019.

Sean Cochrane

Founder & Managing Director

Powerwall | A home powered by Tesla

Allow captured solar energy to power your home and charge your Powerwall. Stored power keeps the lights on during a power outage, meaning grid independence is at your fingertips.

Storing for later

Power when you need it

Tesla Powerwall is a battery solution designed for those seeking a way of storing and using clean, green energy to power their homes and small businesses.

a self powered home

Solar day & night

A Tesla Powerwall can be used to store your solar power and continuously deliver it back to you whenever you need it.

And, supplied with its own integrated inverter, Tesla Powerwall is the most affordable battery in terms of cost per kWh.

The Tesla Powerwall comes with a 10 year warranty at a 70% capacity.


This means, if the Powerwall loses more than 30% of its storage capacity within 10 years of purchase, it would be covered under the warranty.

Good news! The Tesla Energy Storage Retrofit Packages featuring the Tesla Powerwall are designed to connect to existing solar systems, intercept and store the solar electricity that isn’t used that would normally be exported to the grid. Potentially for next to nothing!


Our Retrofit packages allow our customers who have already experienced the benefits of solar ensure they get the full return on their solar system.

Yes, your Powerwall will immediately switch to a grid failure mode and your home will automatically draw power from the batteries.


We are required by building regulations to install a  'gateway' unit that isolates all the power in the house/business from the grid. This protects anyone working on the grid and happens automatically when the grid fails.

SuperGreen Success | Harris Crossing

In conjunction with Tesla and Maidment Group, SuperGreen Solutions recently launched an energy-saving initiative to bring the benefits of solar power and battery storage using the Tesla Powerwall Battery storage system to Harris Crossing.

EV Charging

Supercharge your savings

Charging where you park is one of the best ways to live with a Tesla EV. We recommend installing a Tesla Wall Connector at home or work whenever possible.

Taking control of your energy future has never been easier. SuperGreen Solutions offer a complete selection of residential and commercial Tesla EV charging solutions.

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