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Solar Carport Installation

Our ability to collect solar energy is continually improving, as is our ability to repurpose the accumulated solar energy to power our cars, appliances, homes and businesses.

Solar carports are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners and businesses, turning largely untapped spaces into income-generating ventures. From personal home extensions powering family EVs to large commercial carparks offering charging services to customers.

SuperGreen Solutions can help plan, supply and install a complete package encompassing solar carports and EV chargers.

A solar carport is an overhead shade structure or canopy mounted with solar panels.

They allow homeowners and business owners unable to install solar panels on their principal residence to take advantage of solar power generation.


Utilising collected solar energy to power appliances within the home or business or, when paired with an EV charger, can charge vehicles protected beneath them.

The most significant benefit of solar carports is their flexibility over standard rooftop solar installations. Rather than being restricted in panel placement and tilt angle, a solar carport will allow the solar panels to be oriented to maximise their collection capacity.


Solar carports are space-efficient, provide shade and protection to vehicles, and, with easier access to the panels, are generally easier to maintain when compared to rooftop installations.


Additionally, as with standard rooftop installations, you can use the solar energy generated by the carport to power your home or business or charge your electric vehicle. Excess electricity generated can be sold back to the grid to earn Feed-In Tariffs, helping you offset the initial capital cost of installation.

From one to many

Complete EV Charging solutions

SuperGreen Solutions offer a complete selection of domestic and commercial solar carports and EV charging solutions. From a single EV home charging station, to large commercial operations.

Home Charging

Doing your part

Imagine never having to visit a fuel station again? Or even better, filling your car from clean, green energy captured solely from your home’s solar power system.


Our home charging solutions are compatible with all major EV car manufacturers – Tesla, Audi, Nissan to name a few.


Charge power adjusts in response to power consumption in the home. Charging will continue until the vehicle is fully charged.


A smart EV charger with a difference. One that can charge your EV using 100% FREE energy generated from your Solar PV or wind turbine when configured in Eco Max mode.

Charge Up and Go

Supporting a Green Future

Electric Vehicles are the first vehicles in the history of fleet transportation that have a true return on investment (ROI).

Businesses no longer need to purchase fuel, oil, transmission and coolant system maintenance ever again.


Wall mounted, bollard and fast charging units facilitate multiple options to meet differing business requirements.


See unit availability, status and pricing for every charger in the network in real time.


Drivers can now choose between post or pre-paid options with or without auto-topup capabilities.

Need a solar carport installed?

If you’re a business or homeowner considering the addition of a solar carport to your parking area, garage or storefront, consider SuperGreen Solutions first. We’re your local, one stop energy efficient product store.

Compare our products online or talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists at one of our dedicated showrooms today.

Townsville Supergreen

Free EV charging point

Feeling low on charge? We have an installed and ready to use Tesla SuperCharger available to charge your EV. Powered directly from our onsite solar panel array.

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No charge to you. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

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01. Drive Up

Always a good idea to call ahead and make sure the charger is available.

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02. Plug In

Plug in your compatible EV vehicle and let the ions flow.

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