Our Story

Our Story

International Recognition

Sean Cochrane,

Sean Cochrane is an internationally recognised energy efficiency and sustainable products expert, author and public speaker.

Sean’s pioneering work in sustainability and energy efficiency commenced in Australia in 1994 when he established his first energy efficient products one stop shop.

By 2010 Sean established his first overseas SuperGreen Solutions store in Palm Beach, Florida and quickly scaled, expanding coast to coast across the United States. Today, SuperGreen Solutions can be found in many countries around the world; from Australia to the USA, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Ireland, to name a few.

Sean has a lifetime of experience and knowledge in the industry. He is a Certified Green Partner (CGP), a LEED certified Associate, is an advisor to the Developers and Builders Alliance, and leads a multi award-winning company.

His expertise has been sought out by the US Green Building Council and he remains one of only a handful of Australians to ever address the ‘White House’ on sustainability during the Obama administration.

A wealth of experience

A super green journey

SuperGreen Solutions today is a world leader in both home and commercial green energy use. We provide advice, supply the most compatible energy efficient technologies, and follow up with quality installations.

We pride ourselves in being a one stop energy efficient products shop and incorporate a very holistic and personalised approach. The products we offer will create and conserve energy based within the home or the workplace. This is how we endeavor to achieve a total solutions package.

We operate under our philosophy of reducing before producing. This means that our goal is to reduce both consumption and emission of CO2 and reduce carbon footprints, all while simultaneously increasing efficiency and savings through the use of bundled energy efficiency products.

SuperGreen Success | Harris Crossing

In conjunction with Tesla and Maidment Group, SuperGreen Solutions recently launched an energy-saving initiative to bring the benefits of solar power and battery storage using the Tesla Powerwall Battery storage system to Harris Crossing.

Our Franchises

An Industry Leading Team

We’ve established a widely recognised team of green energy specialists. A group of dedicated professionals who understand how to create an energy efficient solution for your home.

Combined with the latest technologies and products delivered by a long list of suppliers, we’re confident that we can customise a bundle to suit your needs and budget.

Talk to a energy efficient specialist today

If you’re a business or homeowner considering the addition of green energy technology to your home or workplace, consider SuperGreen Solutions first. We’re your local, one stop energy efficient product store.

Compare our products online or talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists at one of our dedicated showrooms today.

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